Website Changes -Darlene J. Harris

Good Afternoon,

I hope this e-mail will find everyone in the best of health as we approach a new year.

First, I want to thank Lola Oludimu and Sherry Timms for their assistance with the last article “The Royal Position Of The Church”. LoLa asked the right questions, and Sherry utilized her expertise to put the finishing touches to the article. Again, my genuine appreciations to Lola and Sherry!

New Website Organization: New links such as, Statistics Information, Sex Abuse, Domestic Violence and Parental Alienation, Video, etc. are now a new addition to the website. Others are to be added as needed.

The “Statistics Information” for this month is from Break The Cycle about Teen Dating. More information can be found on the website

The featured video is a clip from Big Voice Pictures about Male Child Sexual Abuse. Survivors will reveal their experience.

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