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I have a bag on my shoulders. The invisible kind. The one nobody sees but we all know is there. The bag is packed with worries, ugly past memories, regrets and other things I don’t really need to carry. The bag is pulling me back. This burden doesn’t allow me to be the best that I can be. What to do then? Maybe letting go of everything is what I needed to do in order to succeed.

First, I’ll let go of bad memories. I’ve heard (and believed it as well) that memories are the most important thing we have to hold on to. Maybe the good ones, but why should we hold on to the bad ones? I place memories in my head, like a treasure, and think about them like if it was mandatory. As the years go by, this treasured memories are getting heavier and heavier, causing me to walk with my head down. it’s hard to carry the mistakes of the past and the unnecessary grudges that are rotting my gut. Sometimes, thinking that these memories made me who I am seemed to be a good excuse to deal with it. However, I am now confident that I need to do something about it, too. And yes, writing about it, in a fictional way, it’s really therapeutic. Once the bad memories are given to some fictional character I write about, the burden on my shoulders begins to feel a lot lighter.

Also, I’ll let go of complacency. I’ve realized that Letting go of that complacency and pushing myself to grow is the key to success. By being complacent, I’m simply building a fence around myself, sabotaging my own growth. I must open my eyes and realize that everything I do, big or small, is something great.

Moreover, I’ll let go of fear. Maybe the main reason why I am complacent is because there is some unreasonable fear gnawing at me. There is no doubt, fear is what held me back from doing great things. I have to close my eyes and visualize all of my fears. I have to grab them and throw them in a trashcan. I have to light a match and burn them. Destroy them. I have to learn to be fearless. I’m capable of doing anything I want, move on with my life and achieve great things.

Furthermore, I’ll let go of pain and anger. These negative emotions just eat me up from the inside out. I have to free up space to let in new and positive emotions. I’ve gone through some things that hurt me and made me feel angry, but these experiences only made me stronger. Why? Because I’ve survived, because I am still here today, living, breathing, feeling. I am strong and I can let go of anger and pain because these emotions don’t define me.

I’ll also let go of stress, which is one of the major factors of failure. Stress is part of our everyday life, and only truly successful people are rarely stressed out. The reason why they have succeeded is because they haven’t permitted the small things in life to influence them or stress them out.

And finally, I’ll let go of over thinking success. Ironically, thinking too much about succeeding is what has held me back, too. While visualizing that point where I achieve success, I am overlooking the most important thing: talking is overrated, doing is what matters. Yes, it may sound stupid, but I used to be that way. Overthinking does more harm than good.

Today, instead of imagining every day how it’d be like when I make it, I should spend that time working towards my goal. I won’t let any meager problem to get in the way and make me lose focus. I’ll be immune to the negativity of others and won’t let it affect me. I’ll be brave because there is nothing (really) to be afraid of when working towards reaching my goals. I am walking out of my comfort zone. from now on, the only memories that count are the ones I am about to make.

Are you also going to empty the bag and allow yourself to succeed?



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