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From The Desk Of Darlene J. Harris – Free Sexual Assault App and Free Bullying App by Dr. Michael Lissack – Tongji University — College of Design and Innovation, Affirmative Consent Project/Anti-Bullying Project, American Society for Cybernetics

Hello, everyone!

I received the following information regard free apps for sexual assault victims, and Bullying and I wanted to share it with you.

I think you will find the information regarding these apps very educational and helpful, especially, in today’s world.

Dr. Lissack thank you for developing these Applications, and for allowing me to share this information with our followers.

Your Servant,

Darlene J. Harris

New App to Help Sexual Assault Victims

Michael Lissack

Applied Philosopher of Science

App for Sexual Assault Victims is now available for FREE at the Apple App Store

Recent surveys have revealed that 85% of sexual assault victims do not report their assault promptly to appropriate authorities.  When they later do report, their credibility is often questioned.  The authorities ask “Why now? Has your story changed?”

The I’ve-Been-ViolatedTM App eliminates most of these credibility questions and allows victims the peace of mind to know that reporting to authorities is fully within their control.

The I’ve-Been-ViolatedTM App is the first app of its kind to allow a victim of sexual assault to confidentially record contemporaneous evidence (with video and audio) of an incident. The evidence is double-encrypted and stored offline. The app also, utilizing geo-coding technology, stores information about where the user was when he or she recorded the video. As a legal safeguard, the video record that the user creates is only available through appropriate authorities (i.e. legal, health, school) or by court order and is never directly available to the user.

Should an unfortunate event occur, the I’ve-Been-ViolatedTM App is there to help.

Instructions for a victim to run the I’ve-Been-ViolatedTM App:

  1. Get to a Safe Place: As soon as possible, get to a safe location before starting the app.
  2. Activate and Run the App: Turn on the app and being to tell your story by following the on-screen instructions. The app will prompt you on what to say while recording video and audio.
  3. Recording Encrypted & Stored: An encrypted record of your story is created and stored for future retrieval through the proper channels (not available directly to the user).
  4. Authorities Access Evidence: When you are ready to do so, contact the appropriate authorities and they can access the video recording. The fact that it was recorded contemporaneously with the violation helps a victim’s credibility be maintained.

The I’ve-Been-ViolatedTM App is part of a suite of apps provided by the Affirmative Consent Division of to help change the context and conversations around sexual consent on college campuses. See for more information. The suite is available for individual download and on a group basis for schools or school based organizations. The app suite is designed to assist schools to improve their Title IX compliance efforts.

Because it is incumbent on all of us to do what we can to help the victims of sexual assaults, is making the I’ve-Been-ViolatedTM App available for free.  The App is available at is presently running no-cost pilot programs at selected institutions across the United States to demonstrate and potentially improve the efficacy of the entire app suite.  These pilots include educational outreach and student uptake efforts designed help schools improve their Title IX compliance programs. has a few slots remaining for schools who wish to run a similar no-cost pilot program.

See the recent press re the I’ve-Been-Violated™ App at

Encourage all of your students and colleagues to download this app.  It can be used in any situation where a victim needs to record their story and is not ready to speak with appropriate authorities (e. domestic abuse).  If its needed its much better to already have it. If you desire assistance with getting out the message, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please feel free to contact me at or 617-710-9565

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