From The Desk Of Darlene J. Harris – How could you explain? by Karen Blodgett

Greetings Everyone!

Today I want to share a poem written by Karen Blodgett.  It brought back memories for me and I want to share it with you.

In addition, Karen included a list of resources and contact numbers which will be listed under the Resource.

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Karen Blodgett

Victim centered job seeker/Outreach-Thriver after CSA

Posted Oct 25, 2015 ~ by Karen Blodgett.

Written, during the night many years ago, in the process of getting to where I am today. I thought the words could possibly be lyrics to a song at the time. Now they are for those who relate to the words and those who work with people in their programs.


How could you explain?

Do you feel like everyone else has something going for them more than you?  Are you always afraid, looking over your shoulder and feeling like it’s never going to end? 


How could you describe it so anyone could understand?  Are you thinking it must be better to not tell anyone?  There is no safe place to share all that’s happened and still feel okay?

So you’re having a hard time thinking about how different your life’s been.  How could they possibly understand?  Do you think about running because it would be better for everyone in the end?


What do you do with your feelings to soothe the pain? Do you think no one will listen? Are you afraid of what people might say? Maybe you are not so different and you’ll find there are people like you who will get it, all.  Maybe they have been there all along.


I already know and you are not alone.  You can do anything, attain anything you choose.


By ~ Karen Blodgett, 2007

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