The “Why”Behind This Website?

 The message  

The most important message about the “Why” for this website is about what God is able to do in and through our lives if we allow Him. You see, God is the Master Choreographer, He is the person who creates the compositions of our lives. He writes new songs and creates a new melody out of things that are hard. He plans and arranges new movements and patterns in our lives and makes the old distant. Our trust and faith matter to God. Remember, God is able to do more than we can think, or imagine.  

We have a responsibility to our story  

We all have a story that God can use to bring healing, hope, and peace into the lives of others. My story reveals the weight that comes with a very unforgiving heart.  A heart filled with shame, guilt, hate, and with anger for a very long time. My heart was in despair because of disconnect and bonding issues with my mother, and then sexual assault by someone I thought cared about me.    

Therefore, telling my story became my ministry. You ask “why” tell my story because it is ugly, and should be hidden” Yes, it is ugly. I believe the more ugly the story, the more God proves Romans 8:28 and Isaiah 61:3 in my life and yours.    

Understanding the journey of the abused  

In order to understand the why for this website I need you to take a walk with me. Streets look different when walking with the abused. And what they see  has to have a degree of understanding in order to help them.  

The streets are barely lit and almost dark; they are not the Main Street where they walked prior to their victimization. For the abused the paths often lead to the backstreets of life. They curve around the corner to Monstrous Alley, and no way out is an accepted form of living. The street named Belief changes its name often.  And the street called Foundation is false and caves at any given moment. The street named Disbelief plagues the heart. And the church called “God Doesn’t Care” has an overwhelmingly high membership.  Many were left on the Avenue of Cold And Hard and the corner of Bitter Alley.  

The debt I owe  

In my lifetime, many people have crossed my paths and played a significant role. And when I ask, “what do I owe you?” The words echoed are “do the same for someone else.” Therein lies the urgent call that God firmly and unmistakably assigned to my life, and truly, it is the very least that I owe to those who helped me, and to a gracious God who waits.  

I invite you to take the journey with me no matter what pain is in your story. This is a safe place to discover forgiveness and healing in hands of a gracious and loving God.


Unto Him who is able,  

Darlene J. Harris, Servant

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