We Have A Responsibility To Our Story

The i in pride is the i that hurts.

The i that hurts blinds our story. The i in pride doesn’t want you or me to tell our story.  The i in pride, the i that hurts, is the force behind the voice, the manipulator who feels he/she doesn’t matter because if they mattered _______________ would not have happened to them.  Now, don’t you hear that same voice, that same manipulator who can justify the hate, anger, resentment, shame, and guilt that has taken-up residence in the heart to be legitimate feelings.   Now desire is alive and the plan of revenge is created. A plan that is never satisfied.  A plan that becomes  killer and destroyer of  _________________________(your name)


What does it mean to matter?


The arrows we couldn’t dodge penetrated and shattered our heart. These arrows change how we see ourselves. We begin to question if we matter because of the arrow that was thrown and who threw it.   The i in pride tries to protect and defend because i will not be hurt again.  No one will get a chance and i will pay them back.  At this point, we have given authority of our lives over to the i (ego).



We need to face the question about if we matter in order to move forward in life.  At this point, we may need help to determine, for ourselves, if we matter,  and to help remove the arrows so we can heal.


You can heal–it’s through the power of Jesus Christ.  My hope for all of us is to always know God is the authority in/over our lives and we matter most to Him.
How can you place the i in pride over to the i centered in Christ? Will you do that?





Isaiah 1:18 is the scripture base for Darlene J. Harris Speaker, Writer
Isaiah 1:18 Living Bible (TLB)
Come, let’s talk this over, says the Lord; NO MATTER how deep the stain of your sins, I can take it out and make you as clean as freshly fallen snow. Even if you are stained as red as crimson, I can make you white as wool!