The Façade by Tiffany Anjeanette

Poetry will be presented throughout October and today I’m excited about presenting Tiffany Anjeanette.

Tiffany is employed at Bay County School District as a Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments. She participates in the Disability Awareness and Vocational Rehabilitation Training at Pink Cane.  When I met Tiffany she participated in the Blind Olympics. I really can’t say enough about Tiffany. She an amazing woman and friend.  She is the mother of two love daughters and the last I heard she had a couple of beautiful dogs that she trained.  Oh, did I mention she is a wonderful actor and play write.  As you can tell by the picture she believes in living the life God gave her.

Thank you, Tiffany, for your love and support.


Tiffany is the first girl on the left

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The Façade


Tiffany Anjeanette

Like thunder, I heard Mommy falling,

Down the stairs with fingers clawing

Helpless, my sis and I are calling

To silenced ears from evil’s mauling

Evil’s name was “Daddy-O

Since my dad’s death, he’s mom’s new beau

Before the world, an upstanding dude

Behind closed doors, the devil’s tool

“An alright guy,” to the world outside

Yet, I’d let other words describe.

This wicked coward, sinister, snake

Who tormented the life of this child of eight

No provoking word, or graduated stage

Would send him into his mad rage

From calm to roller coaster ride

From Dr. Jeckel, to Mr. Hyde

Then he’d become this EVIL creature

More dark than any horror feature

He’d with all force, leap on you

And expose the pits of Hell to you

And you can’t run, No, you can’t hide

Your mom and sis are still inside!

And if you ran, where would you go?

For he was shrunk up your world so,

Screen who we speak to, who we see

Limit our calls to family,

This way, no one outside suspects

That with a child, he’s having sex.

I look to my mommy to make us all safe

“Pack us up! Move us on! Get us outta this place!”

He’s killing our spirit, is that reason enough?

Do you care about image, more than about us?

Instead she said, “Now, child you tell no one this.

This problem is our family’s business.”

So we’d hug and we’d smile, so when people would see

They’d say “Oh, what a wonderful family!”

So, we all became actors in this little play

Called “Be Sure To Look The Brady Bunch Way.”

And by our 9th season, we were pretty good

For, no one suspected, in our neighborhood.

Don’t worry Mommy. Hey, I won’t make waves

I love you. I’ll act as if all is okay

I’ll cause no suspicion. I’ll bring you no shame

My teachers won’t even detect I’m in pain.


When I grow up, my dear mother I vow

NEVER again, will I live the way I do now!

I deserve to feel safe. It’s my God-given right

No kid should hide sleep in the closet at night!

My body is MINE, to do with as I please

And never the property of some low life sleaze!

And when I have kids, sure there’s dangers they’ll face

But, I’ll make sure my home’s one place they feel safe.

“Cause I’ll do my job, and my kids will know

That I will protect them from any ol’foe




Continued by Tiffany

I’m 40, now and although it’s been tough

I’ve been blessed in amounts overflowing my cup.

I’m blessed to learn that even mustard seed faith,

Can move mountains and help me succeed in the race

I’ve learned to let anger’s hold on me release

And claim all the blessings of God given peace

Thank you; Lord, also for giving me hope

And not giving me more than you know I can cope

And through the storm, Lord, making me feel so safe

By promising to never leave or forsake

For showing me how true forgiveness should be

So I can forgive those trespassing ‘against me

Thank you, Lord for teaching me to look through

My present situations, and seek only you

For loving me enough to send down your Son

And showing how Agape; true love is done

I thank you, for giving me such Joy inside

That wells and swells so much it can’t hide

I thank you, Lord, from the depths of my soul

To seek you, and serve you, is my foremost goal

I’ve learned faith, perseverance, forgiveness, and praise!

And I will worship you all of my days!

You’re: My Captain

My Savior

My Help, and

My God

Your name I will magnify and lawd

For my hope is built, Lord, in only you

I thank you, I thank you, for Bless me through