I hope you enjoyed The Façade by Tiffany. Tiffany is an amazing woman, and I’m glad she is in my life.

I admire people who can pen poetry. When I write poetry nothing rhymes. It seems so hard for me to make that happen. Yet my soul cries between the words, giving me a calmness I didn’t have.

The cry of the soul is one reason And He Restoreth My Soul Project chose to serve poetry and material that enlightens one’s mind for the 2017 Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention Month

With that said; please meet Mr. Dan Skognes, who at my request, crafted a beautiful poem and dedicating it to abuse survivors.

As always, please contact me with any questions you may have.

Serving at the pleasure of God


Darlene J. Harris


Dan Skognes Bio

Dan is the founder and owner of the Skognes Group. The Skognes Group specialties are assisting professional speakers with speaking engagements, and Human Resources Consulting where leadership and development training, as well as, talent acquisition and retention are the main focus.

His passion is serving in the local church and in Kingdom Business Group (a Christian Chamber of Commerce Group)

Dan has a great website that encourages and informs his followers on various topics. Danskognes.com

Let Go

By Special Request

(Dedicated to victims of abuse)

Let go of the hurt

Let go of the pain

Because if you don’t

It will drive you insane

Let go of the guilt

Let go of the blame

When you are the victim

Let go of the shame

Let go of the past

Let go of the dark

Hold fast to your faith

Hold fast to your heart

The journey is not one

That you would choose

But from here you decide

If you win or you lose

When you learn to speak

Of the pain you endured

The process begins

In finding your cure

The hole in your heart

Will heal given time

You’re not alone

For your journey is mine




Dan Skognes 8/13/17
Permission to use:
No part of this poem is permitted to be copied, reposted, or used for profit without permission and authorization from the author, Dan Skognes danskognes.com


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