The “We didn’t know…” Project


No More Silent Suffering, No More Excuses!

NO More “We didn’t know…”

The We Didn’t Know Project is to further help eliminate any excuses, obliterate myths and dispel doubt that often hinders healing for Males who have been Sexual Abuse. The climate for Men and Boys is still stormy because society clinks to the old non-traditional wisdom that often becomes stumbling blocks for Male Survivors to seek healing. No More “We Didn’t Know…”

Scientific Evidence

1in6, Org. Yes, it’s hard to believe. There’s strong scientific evidence. Men and Boys are raped and most of them don’t tell!.

Therefore, And He Restoreth My Soul Project will feature prevalent information about Male Sexual Abuse throughout the months of July and August 2018. The title “We Didn’t Know” is taken from the words of Cecil Murphy at Shattering the Silence We Didn’t Know.

Contributing Organizations

Organizations, like Cecil Murphy at Shattering the Silence, Randy Ellison at Boys Don’t Tell, 1in6.Org. and BigVoice Production, LLC. are a few of the experts known both national and international for their work in the field of Male Sexual Abuse. The We Didn’t Know Project is thrilled to have these organizations represented as we look at the area of Male Sexual Abuse. These organizations are known for their commitment to educate, encourage, and provide resources to help and support men who have a history of childhood sexual abuse and assault.

Video Presentation

BigVoice Picture, LLC is owned and operated by Kathy Barbini and Simon Weinberg, founder, and co-founder. Their work is excellent and known in the Production, Film, and Distribution industry as well as outreach and consulting. Boys and Men Healing is an excellent film by BigVoice and it is a privilege to have a 10-minute clip of the documentary reflecting testimonies of male survivors of sexual abuse.

And then there are the men….

The men like Cecil Murphy, Gary Roe, Preston Hill, Roger Mann, and James Fitzwater share their thoughts some in response to emails written by Cecil Murphy is reprinted with their permission. Randy Ellison will share his story and other thoughts about Male Sexual Abuse.

1in6, Org.

Kirk Barnes Faith and poetry are giving Kirk the strength to confront the abuse that marred his childhood.

Michael Kullik A penchant for poetry and an operatic voice have helped Michael to heal the deep wounds inflicted on him from a childhood scarred by incest and betrayal.

Mitch Mathai “The process of getting clean […] that’s what actually, finally allowed me to talk about what happened to me.”

David Laskie They are a courageous group who are no longer willing to be silenced by stigma and shame. They’re men who confront the past, but who walk forward into the future.”

I believe once you read and hear the stories, view the stats, and watch the videos you will say “I didn’t know but now I do; so what can I do…”

The 2018 mission of the “And He Restoreth My Soul” Project is to provide information that educates, encourages, and helps find HOPE and a PATH to PEACE!

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Darlene J. Harris

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