“We Didn’t Know Project”

We’ve come to the close of the “We Didn’t Know Project” and I thank all of you for stopping by.

Tremendous gratitude goes to the contributing organizations and people for their stories:

  • 1in6, Org.
  • Kathy Barbini and Simon Weinberg, of Big Voice Pictures,
  • Randy Ellison at Boys Don’t Tell,
  • Cecil Murphey at Shattering the Silence,
  • The contributors included Preston Hill, James Fitzwater, Roger Mann, and Gary Roe, and Cecil Murphey.
  • For the music, I thank Leonard Patton for the song “I Never Wanted Broken” and Jabari Steward for “23rd Psalms Spoken Word.”

The opportunity to share your stories on And He Restoreth My Soul Project is a privilege and an honor. My Hope is for someone to seek healing and grasp life beyond abuse is possible. Your stories destroyed any doubts people may have about the existence of male sexual abuse and the harm it causes.

The “We Didn’t Know” series increased the number of followers to And He Restoreth My  Soul Project website! Thank you!

As always, I serve at the pleasure of God!

Darlene J. Harris