Identity Affirmations


Matt Pavlik

  1. My identity comes from God. My self-image, how positively or negatively I view myself, can change, but my God-given identity is permanent and unchanging.
  2. God loves me unconditionally. He’s never going to give up on me.
  3. Because God is pleased with who I am, I’m good enough as I am. Pretending to be someone I’m not doesn’t help anyone. I can’t go wrong if I remain true to who God made me to be.
  4. God alone has the authority to determine my worth. I’m valuable because God says I am.
  5. All voices are powerless to negate who I am. I don’t have to allow others to downgrade my self-image.
  6. I’m a work in progress. I’m free to experiment with my life to determine the best path for me. I can grow and become more of who God made me to be.
  7. No matter how many mistakes I make, there’s always a path forward for me. I never have to live without hope.
  8. God has forgiven me and taken away my shame. My past wounds and mistakes are important to understand, but I’m not doomed to repeat them.
  9. I prefer to have others like me, but I’ll be okay if they don’t.
  10. I don’t have to do what others want or be who they want. Sometimes the most loving action is refusing to put my life on hold despite another’s preferences.
  11. God wants me to focus on only what I can control. I can choose for myself and allow others to choose for themselves.
  12. Whatever I can possibly lose isn’t part of my identity. If I lose it I can thrive without it.
  13. I can survive the changes, crises, and consequences that come into my life. I can endure all things through Christ who strengthens me.
  14. God created me with needs and desires. He wants me to find healthy ways to meet my needs. I’m not selfish when I’m allowing others to meet my needs.
  15. I’m irreplaceable. I have a unique contribution to make. No one else can perform some tasks in the same way I can.
  16. If it’s beyond my purpose, it’s not my responsibility. I accept what I can’t do as much as I appreciate what I can do.
  17. God wants me to pursue His specific purposes for creating me. I have a destiny to fulfill. No one can cancel my destiny.
  18. My identity is who I am. My destiny is where I’m going. My circumstances don’t determine my identity or my destiny. I already have all I need to experience peace and joy.
  19. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. There are many plans but the Lord’s purpose will prevail. I will live forever.

Identity Affirmations by Matt Pavlik, author of Confident Identity
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  1. This is a huge truth!  The persona we reflect to the world is the key.  We are made in His image so we should reflect His light.


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