A Legacy of HOPE

My Legacy


Dr. Johnny Rice II Public Health Advocate

“My goal is to empower others by providing a diversified range of educational, health, and safety information that will enhance the capacity of individuals and organizations to achieve healthy and safe homes, schools, workplaces, and communities.”

– Dr. Johnny Rice II, Founder, and Principal Consultant

Dr. Johnny Rice spent the past 18 years providing leadership, technical assistance, and support to organizations that serve fathers and families in the areas of child welfare, youth development and criminal justice in efforts to create safe and stable communities. Dr. Rice serves on boards and/or committees for the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, the National Domestic Violence Hotline, and the Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community.  Johnny received his Doctor of Public Health Degree from Morgan State University and has a BS and MS degree in criminal justice from the University of Baltimore.

Dr. Johnny Rice is a thought leader in the anti-violence movement, technical assistance provider, public health advocate, and proud father and husband. Dr. Johnny Rice II. Company Website: Social Justice Ventures LLC: SJVLLC.com Blog: DrJohnnyRiceII.com Blog: drjohnnyrice.com


QUESTION: Dr. Rice, do you see a Legacy of HOPE for generations to come?

ANSWER: Yes – I do

I see a Legacy of Hope for generations to come. As an African-American, I stand on the shoulders of my ancestors who were brought to America as slaves. And in spite of all the obstacles they faced, dreamed of a better day.

Violence, hate, and abuse by their captors did not stop them from loving, striving, and building towards a better future in circumstances that fostered hopelessness.


The resilience demonstrated by my ancestors, and the gains made since their removal from Africa, post-slavery and civil rights up until today; This resilience affords me the current opportunity to teach at a Historically Black College and University (HBCU) Coppin State University. I am a mentor and educator to the next group of emerging leaders that will work to improve the plight of underserved populations and communities.

Domestic violence and sexual assault

Regarding domestic violence and sexual assault, we have come along way – but still have much work ahead as opposing policy, practices, attitudes challenge and attempts to destroy safeguards that protect victims and survivors at-risk of abuse.

My inspiration 

I draw inspiration from resilient advocates who refuse to go back to a time where domestic violence was not viewed as a crime, or deemed only a private matter to be swept under the rug. For the hate that I observe in society today, I also see opportunities to address the systemic, social, cultural, economic, as well as situational factors that create racial and ethnic divisions.

If I lose optimism and hope

If I lose my optimism and hope regarding intimate partners, families, and citizens living in a society free of violence and harm, I would not be honoring the inroads made from Heroes and Sheroes who provided the foundation for the advances that have been made. So I do continue to be hopeful that future generations will reflect on and gain inspiration from the legacy established by those giants who came before them.

Permission: This is the original article written by Dr. Johnny Rice II for the benefit of the 2018 Family Violence Project. Copyright belongs to Dr. Johnny Rice II September 21, 2018