Three Methods for Difficult Listening

Wilma Zalabak

Owner, The Atlanta Listenary, Inc.

Three Methods for Difficult Listening


The first method for all kinds of difficult listening

  • is to STOP

For easier situations,

  • simply stop talking, texting, walking, or daydreaming.

For the more difficult ones,

  • Stop yelling,
  • Running,
  • Begging, or placating.
  • Get distance.
  • Moderate the voice.

The second method for all kinds of difficult listening is to LOOK.

  1. Look at nonverbals.
  2. Observe behaviors.
  3. Guess at feelings and their possible causes.
  4. Look at the consequences.
  5. Observe results.
  6. Become quietly, calmly, hyper-aware of everything.

The third method for all kinds of difficult communication is to LISTEN.

  • Put into practice all the tips and principles presented here under Listening Principles and Listening Language.
  • Watch for further training here, specific to each kind of difficult listening.

For all Six Kinds of Difficult Listening, the methods are Stop, Look, and Listen. 

These methods do save lives.




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Let’s listen. Listen to the quiet. Listen beneath the noise.

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