The 2019 Black-History Project

The 2019 Black-History Project

Presented by Darlene J. Harris Speaking from the Heart

The 2019 Black-History Project is about the women of yesterday who walked through the fire for the women of today.

The women included in the 2019 Black-History Project are unusual women coming from various times in history. Women who left their footprint in history. Women who stood the test of time. Women who fought for what they believed. Women who I fell in love with just because of their determination and persistence in life.

The women portrayed in the 2019 Black-History Project are:

  • Mary Fields, aka Stagecoach Mary

  • Cathay Williams, A Female Buffalo Soldier

The impact of lynching –

  • Ida Bell Wells-Barnett Journalist

  • “Strange Fruit”

  • The Effects of Lynching in Today’s Society: is it still strange fruit hanging from the poplar tree?

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