Daughters Sexually Abused By Their Mothers

Dr. Joyce Kelly qKAAB1-86Biography of Dr. Joyce Marie Kelley, Th.D.

Dr. Joyce Marie Kelley is an author, motivational speaker and minister who loves the Word of God and all that it has to offer.  She has been on God’s team for a long time. She is a faithful member of Greater Open Door Worldwide Ministries of Long Beach, CA.  As a young child, Joyce accepted Christ as her personal savior. Dr. Kelley, fondly known as “Dr. J” has a heart and passion for helping others.  She gives unselfishly of herself in the pursuit of sharing the healing power of forgiveness.

Dr. Kelley holds an Associate Degree in General Studies.  A Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies and a Doctor of Ministry Degree.  She returned to school and earned a second Master’s Degree in Theology. On July 8th, 2016 Dr. Kelley was Ordained as a Licensed Elder/Minister.  Joyce recently earned a second doctorate degree in Theology. She is the CEO/Founder of “Exalted Consulting”; a ministry sharing the power of forgiveness through seminars and workshops.  Dr. Kelley is the CEO/Founder of “Hip Hop Step Inc.”, a ministry to transform walking apparatus for those in need at no cost to the recipient. She is the CEO/Founder of “3G Custom Gift Baskets.  Her philosophy is that “One should always practice Acts of Random Kindness” (ARK’s).

Dr. Kelley is a child of the most high God, and resides in Southern CA, with her husband.  “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible. “ (Matthew 19:26b, KJV.)  

Daughters Sexually Abused By Their Mothers

by: Dr. Joyce Marie Kelley, Th.D.

Mothers are viewed as nurturers, caregivers, and God’s gift to us. We all are born into this world through our mothers. They love us, bandage skinned knees, and kiss away boo-boos. Every second Sunday in May they are celebrated with a special day. Mother’s day is like the Super Bowl for florists; they create, sell and deliver more flowers than any other day in the year. Mothers are treasured. But in all this what about the dark side of motherhood. As stated by Julie Brands (2006) in her book A Mother’s Touch, “We assume that all mothers are loving and nurturing. Based on what? Do we really think that experiencing pregnancy and childbirth magically transforms every woman (or sixteen-year-old girl) into an empathetic, mature and caring human being? A mother is just a woman who has a baby. There are no required tests or interviews or applications (unless she adopts and even then, oops, no mandatory mental-health evaluations needed). The requirements to get a driver’s license is more rigorous than to have a child. Why should we presume every mother to be mentally healthy, kind-hearted and safe with kids? “

Some mothers don’t possess that loving, caring, nurturing ability that we have come to know. These mothers have sexually abused their daughters. We tend to be shocked and devastated when we hear and read about a child male or female that has been sexually abused by their father or other male relatives. No one speaks about the taboo subject of mothers that are sexually abusing the very children they are entrusted to care for. Sexual abuse begins as young as a few months of age and continues well into adulthood. The one person that is expected to protect their daughters are the very ones that are sexually abusing them. These young girls and women deserve so much more. The very act of being sexually abused by their mother has got to be very devastating for them to endure. After the truth comes to light, then what? Where are these girls and women to go for help, for healing? Where are they to go to find forgiveness for their mothers?

We as a society are so quick to believe and condemn a man for sexually abusing his daughter, but what the mothers? What steps are we as a society prepared to take to protect these children and young women? There has to be an open venue for these young girls and women to talk to professionals about what is going on. We as a community must protect our daughters from being sexually abused by their mothers. Then, what are we to do to provide help for the mothers that perpetrate the sexual abuse against their daughters? We as a society must put some steps into place first to protect our daughters, then to stop this atrocity. They are our daughters, and we are responsible for protecting them, and for providing help through counseling and love.

As these daughters begin the healing process of abuse we as human beings must be there, ever present to provide a sense of HOPE that they can and will get through this dreary situation. The mere fact that they are still standing is proof that they can grow through the abuse that they suffered. Another essential fact that they must come to a level of forgiveness at some point. The amnesty is not for the abuser it is for our daughters that have endured this senseless abuse. This will take time, but it is achievable. Forgiveness can be reached, that is when the real healing begins to take place. There is HOPE, and our daughters are to be encouraged that this will not be a life sentence. But each day as they grab and hold onto the HOPE that exists that they will survive this and come out on the other side better, and stronger than they ever could imagine. HOPE is always there, it is there in the Word of God, “But those who hope in the LORD Will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not be faint.” Isaiah 40:31(NIV)

hold on the pain ends soon

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  1. Until which time society comes back to God, we will have so many of these and other sexual sins in this world. So much purity and decency is lost in this society. Our media begins to corrupt young minds as soon as they turn on the radio, the TV, or even walk out about in our daily life.
    A complete, unadulterated return to the Lords’ obedience is our only hope.

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