Poetry by Princess

Dr. Princess Olufemi-Kayode is a Survivor who is a Sexual & Gender-Based Violence Response professional with cross-disciplinary experience and training in child victim interviewing, forensic interviewing, child protection development & implementation; victim advocacy; sexual assault/violence response team, building, multi-sector response; rape crisis center response, case reporting writing; media partnership building and project execution at the field level. She is currently working towards building professional sexual violence response capacity of practitioners at community-based and non-governmental organizations, government agencies, schools, religious organizations, the private sector, and serving on advisory and consultancy level across the world. https://www.mediaconcern.net/



A collection of poetry by Dr. Princess



Across the horizon

Scattered debris of litter

Hyenas and foxes battle

There is too much for a fight

The land is green

With bloody fangs to show

Sumptuous feel they have

Smaller species enjoy a filled day

Sunshine or sunset

abstract-action-adult-825864Preys lie in wait

Traps are easily occupied

The gatekeepers sojourned far

Fear dances freely

Maami grasp her breasts

Wailing she shouts

A resounding echo yells back

Then nothing!

Still silence

Except for the rumbling of filled bellies

The feast strives


©Dr. Princess™

Feb2319 17.40pm


All these years

I just can’t attain all I can be

Right now I feel I am in that place

After some time I am not so sure


Am I enoughFear of am I good enough

Can I really be that?

What do I know?


I will mess up

I don’t have anything to give

What can I do?


I learn and learn

Not afraid to relearn

Yet I ask, what am I?

The root dried up & died

The dreams took a flight

Shattered inside

Dead…What can happen again?


I live each day uncertain

Air I breathe

Mostly confused… What am I still doing here?

Dried up

Hope of living

Hope of having a meaning

My escape…


©Dr. Princess™

Feb2319 18.13pm


We talk about it

In hushed tones

My throat remained gagged

Yet the garment of shame looms above

Everyone is afraid to speak

Voices dimmed


They are choked

Eyes everywhere


Looking over my shoulder

How can I share?

I bear the wounds

Deep in my soul

I can’t keep quiet anymore

No… I have triedpleas listen

I restrained myself

Because society tied the knot

I have to shout on rooftop

I have to free myself

I can’t keep quiet any longer

A victim I struggled to live

Deeply gutted

Spirit murdered

I rise again

To live

I will live

I am a survivor.

Not quite!

I am more

More than a conqueror

Because I choose to LIVE!


©Dr. Princess™

Feb2219 2am


You didn’t ask for this

You didn’t set yourself up to be sexually


Maybe yours happened as a child, a teen or as an adult

It doesn’t really matter…

Someone invaded your space and didn’t stop there

… Continued to invade your soul as well

Quite horrid, terrible

Painful that I don’t have words to express the agony

Fear took over

Dread began to rule your life and

Particularly the fear of falling prey again

Yet you fell prey again and again

You changed

This changed you

You have missed out…

Yes! Indeed you missed out a lot

Your understanding of relationship and sex is warped

Yet it’s not over

Look on the inside

Bring back YOU

Now is time to take back what is rightfully yours

The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy

That experience was an armed robbery incident

If it happened more than once – Then it’s a continuous robbery

The intention –

Intended to kill and destroy you…

Was it successful?

Yes… to a point

NOW is the time to wake up!

Take back your life…

I had to wake up to life

It can’t continue like this any MORE!

I sought for answers

I researched before the internet came into being

Any information on Sex got my attention

Particularly sexual abuse – consequences, impact, and survivors

Get Information!

Get a Life

Don’t give the thief the benefit of doubt

Take back your lifeim taking my life back

The reins are in your hands

Look at those hands

They are yours

Your body is yours

Information is key to liberty

Keep searching and for solutions

Your story of triumph is deliverance for another

I celebrate you


©Dr. PrincessTM