Oh, the unstoppable faith of a child

Listen to Tiffany as she speaks about her unstoppable faith!


Bio for Tiffany Baylor

Tiffany is employed at Bay County School District as a Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments. She participates in the Disability Awareness and Vocational Rehabilitation Training at Pink Cane. When I met Tiffany, she competed in the Blind Olympics. I really can’t say enough about Tiffany. She is an amazing woman and friend. She is the mother of two love daughters and the last I heard she had a couple of beautiful dogs that she trained. Oh, did I mention she is a wonderful actor, and a playwright?

Tiffany A. Baylor, MA, TVI, FCCM.

Thank you, Tiffany, for your love and support.

Oh, the unstoppable faith of a child.

The power of Faith

I can still remember being a child of 8, knowing that God was my refuge and strength. I am not saying that I understood everything about the Bible, but I knew the words to the song “Jesus Loves Me this I know, for the Bible tells me so”. And if all I needed was mustard-seed faith, then the “boulder’ of faith that I clutched was all that I would need to survive the ‘behind-closed-door happenings’ in that house. And we did. We not only survived, but we were blessed and excelled athletically, socially and academically. Regardless of the demeaning words that were consistently spewed upon us daily, we would wake up each morning, and smile with the rising sun (SON), not only surviving but praising. THE POWER OF FAITH!

Oh, the unstoppable faith of a child.

The Power of Prayer

I can still remember when I was awakened to the shrill sounds of my mother screaming as my stepfather threw her down the stairs. As I heard her clawing for each rail in an attempt to stop the fall, I knew that this scrawny 9-year old could do nothing. But, I KNEW that God could! If all that the woman in the Bible had to do was touch the hem of His garment and be healed; then all that I needed to do was ask and it will be given unto me. I prayed so fervently until a whispered prayer became so bold that I no longer cared that my stepfather heard us calling on Yahweh! My stepfather stopped as if his rage was spontaneously derailed. Exhausted, I fell asleep, but woke victoriously seeing my mother, beaten but alive. THERE IS POWER IN PRAYER!

Oh, the Unstoppable Faith of a Child:

The Power of Peace

I can still remember wishing that there was a lock on my bedroom door. I remember craving a good night’s sleep, yet knowing that remaining alert would be the most logical course of action. But, I also knew that the sheep that remains closest to the Shephard is safest. My 10-year old mind’s literal interpretation sought peace by squeezing into the left 1/3 of the bed to ensure that there was space and covers enough for Jesus to rest right beside. To be near Him meant safety and a peaceful slumber. I would rest deeply, and awaken refreshed and ready to face the day. THE POWER OF PEACE!

Oh, the Unstoppable Faith of a Child

The Power of Belonging

I can still remember feeling; no, KNOWING that I was not wanted. It wasn’t just a ‘feeling’. It was spoken; regularly. Therefore, it was just . . . truth. I spent 6 days per week having that reinforced. Yet, oh, that one day per week when the church bus rolled onto my street! The gift of the REAL truth was revealed to me. The counterfeit truth about who I was, was banished and replaced with, “You, Tiffany are a child of GOD!” I found belonging in the Real truth that, “The Creator of the Universe was MY DAD! And my Father loves ME . . . just because!” I was fueled by the electricity of that truth and sought to be plugged in constantly. THE POWER OF BELONGING

What does the word, “FATHER” mean to me now?

The Creator of the universe shows me what a “Father” should be, so that the word no longer evokes a fear, sadness, nor anger in me.

It is the belonging that boasts, “I am loved and wanted because the Creator of the universe TELLS, and SHOWS me so!!

Now the word “Father” means someone who protects me

Someone who promises to me and keeps His promises

Someone who seeks me out, and WANTS to spend time with me.

Someone who will prepare a feast for me in FRONT of my enemies

Someone who is proud to call me His own.

Someone who would DIE for me.

I leap, I sing, I dance with joy in my heart now when I hear that all-encompassing name.

What a beautiful word ‘Father”.

 I’m Blessed

©Tiffany A. Baylor 03/2019