July A Month of Poetry Prayers

The pain of being raped:

torn into two’s

emotional spiritual

a wounded womb twinned wrenched in force

mind spins & spins to stay alive

body anesthetizes itself with numbness

to stay alive

the You the familiar oneness


belief scatters

stitches gather into scars fade

recovering has no due date

And the soul? Wherefore art thou Soul?

Fled in fear? in search? Camouflaged?

Self-amputated from the body to insure its life

Until the heart has eyes

to restore a vision?

Restoration no longer viable.

Renewal- a reKnewable all before birth

into Breathing.

by: Zena D.

Was an assistant producer and actress in plays for The Northridge Theater Guild of Hollywood, CA, when, in 1977, she became a rape survivor. Several years ago she wrote a play that was a three-part response by the community, the artist, and herself to a sculpture by Ed Massey called “Morality/Mortality”, a three-part sculpture that displayed the aftermath of a sexual assault. She is currently involved in classroom teaching, a profession she has served with great distinction. She contributed poetry to And He Restoreth My Soul.G-d will not allow our story to be destroyed