A prayer

Father, I come to you at the close of the 2019 July Project, to say thank You for all who contributed to the Project. For their words of HOPE, Encouragement, and Strength. Lord, for this, I thank You!

Father, thank You for the followers who joined And He Restoreth My Soul Project’s website. Their following confirms that work and passion are still needed. I only want this website to help and not cause harm. Thank You Father!

You open doors, You send people, and You give me a desire to write. I know me and this is a miracle. For trusting me, Lord, thank You!

God, I don’t know why we don’t often remember or want to remember that You call and pursue us because we are Your Beloved. And Your faithfulness is what we find so hard and unbelievable to believe that You, Lord, could love us so much. Thank You for Your faithfulness and love!

Even though we feel unworthy, still we wait, hope, and pray for a new outpouring of a divine blessing that will satisfy a yearning that lives deep within our heart. A longing that cries out for relief. Yes, Lord, please come!

Lord, we need a marvelous work and a sudden display of Your divine favor in our lives. Only You can overwhelm our hearts and bless us immeasurably more than we can imagine. Thank You for Loving us!

There are times when You must search our hearts and work underneath the hurt and pain to Heal, Restore, Replenish, and Rejuvenate us. Thank You for life restored!

Lord, take the love You find in our hearts and multiply it to please You! Hide us always in Your undying love. Forgive us for the wrong we’ve done against you. Help us to live free from condemnation: shame, guilt, and anger.

Father, I ask these things in the mighty, and glorious name of Yehoshuah, so be it Lord, so be it, Lord. Please make it so!