The Color of Hope

Hope defined is a feeling of expectation and desire for a sure thing to happen.

I am the color red; I am love, I am rage, I am anger, I am salvation.

I am the color yellow; I am faith, I am joy, I am purification.

I am the color green; I am restoration, I am prosperity, I am a new beginning.

I am the color orange; I am deliverance, I am passionate, I am fire.

I am the color purple; I am royalty; I am wealth.

I am the color white; I am light, I am victorious, I am completion.

I am the color blue; I am peace, I am authority, I am calm.

Hope comes in many colors and many layers. Hope alone is hard to find; it is in a solitary state. Hope is much easier to visualize and hold onto when various colors and layers surround it. We can never lose hope because hope is all around us. We just have to look for it. Close your eyes and visualize the way hope is revealed. 

Can you see the blue sky? Can you see the green grass? Can you see the yellow sunflowers? Look there in the distance, can you see the white clouds moving? Hope is all around us. When we feel ourselves losing hope, we need to close our eyes and visualize. Hope is right there in all the colors that surround us. The color of hope is beautiful, the color of hope is YOU.

Crayons are arranged with points in towards the middle to form a heart.

Close your eyes and visualize…..



Dr. Joyce Kelly qKAAB1-86

Biography of Dr. Joyce Marie Kelley, Th.D.

Dr. Joyce Marie Kelley is an author, motivational speaker and minister who loves the Word of God and all that it has to offer.  She has been on God’s team for a long time. She is a faithful member of Renewed Life Church of Long Beach, CA. As a young child, Joyce accepted Christ as her personal savior.  Dr. Kelley, fondly known as “Dr. J” has a heart and passion for helping others. She gives unselfishly of herself in the pursuit of sharing the healing power of forgiveness.  

Dr. Kelley holds an Associate Degree in General Studies.  A Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies and a Doctor of Ministry Degree.  She returned to school and earned a second Master’s Degree in Theology. On July 8th, 2016 Dr. Kelley was Ordained as a Licensed Elder/Minister.  Joyce recently earned a second doctorate degree in Theology. She is the CEO/Founder of “Exalted Consulting”; a ministry sharing the power of forgiveness through seminars and workshops.  Dr. Kelley is the CEO/Founder of “Hip Hop Step Inc.”, a ministry that transforms walking apparatus for those in need at no cost to the recipient. She is the CEO/Founder of “3G Custom Gift Baskets”.  Her philosophy is that, “One should always practice Acts of Random Kindness” (ARK’s).

Dr. Kelley is a child of the most high God, and resides in Southern CA, with her husband.  “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible. “ (Matthew 19:26b, KJV.)  



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  1. I enjoyed the creativity and buoyancy here. wjz

    On Thu, Oct 3, 2019 at 1:31 AM And He Restoreth My Soul Project wrote:

    > queendjh posted: “Hope defined is a feeling of expectation and desire for > a sure thing to happen. I am the color red; I am love, I am rage, I am > anger, I am salvation. I am the color yellow; I am faith, I am joy, I am > purification. I am the color green; I am restoration” >

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