Pleads For Help

Make me Safe! He’s Hurting Me!


Help me someone!

Look at me, please!

Again, I was bullied –

knocked to my knees!



Just took a slug

from this cruel fellow.

Oh, how I wish

he would hurry up and mellow.


Stopped by the restroom after lunch,

and there he stood –

with his fist balled up,

all ready to throw a punch.


Haven’t you noticed

these bruises and these scrapes?

Yes, I’ve tried, but just

can’t seem to escape.


What does he know of morals and values?

His parents didn’t teach him it seems.,

‘cause he’s going about

doing unspeakable things.


He ripped my shirt in

class the other day.


He’s made me his prey.


Ask me anytime about

my day at school.

Kids who bully

don’t care about rules!


I beg you to pause and

pay attention?

Stop for a moment –

And try to listen?


Oh, I’ve tried to ignore him,

hoping he would stop.

Just gave him more fuel

‘cause he surely did not.


Can’t you see how sad I’ve become?

My body is in a slump?

I’m all tensed-up and 

down in the dumps!


Hey, now – look!

I’m in a daze.

My mind is well –

always in a haze


Because of this bully

who constantly lurks,

I can no longer concentrate

on my school work.


You’re busy, I know with work,

Facebook, Twitter and more.

I’m so longing for the time

You’ll greet me at the door.


Now, I’m coming home

and starving for food.

Gone are those days

when I was in a great mood.


He takes my lunch

and money each day.

Why, oh why 

must it be this way?


I’m often insulted

and ridiculed so cruel.

Now, I hate going

anywhere near that school!


Sometimes I’ll utter

a faint sound, “I’m sick.

I’ve learned to master

this slick trick.

Uh, huh! – I’m counting on you

to leave me in bed.

Please help me Mom! 

I’m so filled with dread.


I’m having trouble sleeping –

Yes, That’s right!

Tossing and turning

all through the night.


Aren’t you the

least bit sensitive to my daily fear –

not even a tad bit inquisitive?

Mom please, I need you to hear!


Did you know that sometimes

my peers reject me?

I mean the same old friends

who used to protect me?


He’s a master at excluding me

from my activities and friends.

Oh, Mom, Dad, Teacher –

When will this end?


The schoolyard is no longer a fun place to be

No more laughter and playful tig-tag!

My friends all agree he’s a bully so mean.

Why must he always be this mad?

Well, like me, they’re scared

of the bully, too.

He threatens, “After him,

I’ll get you, you and you.”


I’m tired of being

tormented and teased.

Stop for a moment.

Help! Pretty please!


With him at school

my world is so dismal.

My school life is frightening

and oh, so miserable.


I’m beside myself to cope anymore.

No one seems to notice or care

Because of him, I’ve lost my pride

Uh, well – I’m even thinking about 





Please Fix Me! I’m Broken


PSST! Over here! I’m the bully at school.

Yes, I’m your child’s worst nightmare.

I won’t leave him alone

But, do you even care?


You don’t seem to

have very much time.

Seems like you never take 

a break, to breath and unwind.


No one seems to know

that I have a very troubled life.

It’s messy and it’s sad,

Yes, so much strife.


Because of them

life hasn’t been so nice!

Well, that’s okay, ‘cause someone

will pay the price!


I’m a menace at school

and a threat to society.

Didn’t you know — that’s how I

earned my notoriety?


So how do you like

my new tennis shoes?


But, you never would

have guessed it –

I took them from

a kid at school.


You didn’t give me

this money and my pocket change

I told him, “Hand it over buster,

or your nose, I’ll rearrange!”

Everyone keeps going

about their normal day – 

Well that’s okay ‘cause

I’m too busy hunting my prey!


Ha! It’s those smaller kids

who cross my path,

I go out of my way

so, they’ll feel my wrath.


Isn’t it a pity – a crying shame,

Well really, what can I say?

You didn’t even see me

trip that kid today!


I’m suffering …so much pain inside

I’m struggling…so much to endure.

No kidding – I’m hurting inside,

and that’s for sure.


I haven’t felt good

for a very long while.

But once upon a time

I was a sweet little child.


Unstable environment –

My life is a wreck.

False empowerment –

I’m really depressed!


Looks like I’m really

headed downhill.

No kidding adults –

This pain is for real.


I’ve learned how to fake it.

It’s all a great act.

You’d better research bullying –

and learn some real facts!


I’m mad about

so many things.

Oh, the heartache

this life can bring!

I’ve learned to bully in so many ways.

Verbally, physically, socially, yes, cyber too.

You haven’t even noticed…you’re too busy doing

well whatever it is that you do.


They won’t have to worry;

I’ll keep my usual obnoxious pace,

‘cause there’s no schoolhouse

regulations, no rules in place.


Legislators came up with

an anti-bullying law.

Just a lot of jabber!

Jaw – jaw – jaw!


So here I am – doing whatever

I well please

cause, you’re so focused

on the bully-ee.


The bully-ee?

Well, rightfully so,

but no one stops to think

of me, you know?


Will YOU be the one who listens,

and takes heed?

I’m trying to tell someone

what I really need.


I need YOUR attention and

continuous supervision.

How about counseling, therapy,

or just simple interventions?

Can you really afford

to ignore my fists?

‘Cause if you do,

more kids will be at risk.


Won’t you please help me

to become a nice kid again?

I need to stop

causing all this pain.


All those fights, mean words,

and peer pressure I render

because I’m out of control

and need help to surrender.

Can you teach me

how to become more resilient?

Help me to lose this

Mean-spirited temperament.


Can we talk about me and my

dysfunctional family?

Help me, somebody!

There has to be a remedy!


Teach me how to relax,

Take deep breaths and unwind.

Help me problem-solve and deal with

adverse issues… all kinds!


I need your guidance,

love and support!

Maybe I can shake these habits –

and turn into a kind sport!


Is there any chance

or hope for me?

Stop. Take notice,

and perhaps we’ll see.


Now please come closer and listen to me.

Take some time and lend me your ear!

Stop me before it’s too late

and goes on for many more years!


Cherrye Vasquez, Ph.D.

About the Author

Author Cherrye S. Vasquez is a retired public-school administrator and an adjunct professor who has earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum & Instruction; a Master of Education in Special Education; and a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Pathology/Audiology.

Cherrye specializes in Multi-cultural education and holds certifications in Early Childhood Handicapped, Mid-Management, and Educational Diagnostician.

Copyright © 2017 Cherrye S. Vasquez

The right of Cherrye S. Vasquez to be identified as the author of the Work has been asserted by her in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or any means, electronic or otherwise, without written permission from the author.


While every effort has been made to make parents and educators aware of how children who deal with bullying behaviors may feel, these poems are purely fiction; however, the content mirrors what the author, Dr. Cherrye S. Vasquez, has observed, and/or heard students express, or feel. These instances may fluctuate from child to child and are dependent upon variables within a child’s environment, background, home and/or family life situations. 

Permission to publish and or copy the above information was provided by the author Dr. Cherrye S. Vasquez. For more in-depth information Dr. Vasquez please see