Destructive and Constructive Expressions of Self

Destructive and Constructive Expressions of Self

When you feel emotionally overwhelmed, one of the first responses you will likely have is to ask yourself how to get rid of the feeling, how to overcome that state, or how to find a solution.

It is a response that is very deeply ingrained because everything we experience in the world around us is built on that problem-solution paradigm; however, when addressing your inner world—your emotions—that problem-solution approach doesn’t seem to work very well.

Perspective of Core Emotions

Your fight, flight, and please responses—which relate directly to your core emotions of anger, fear, and sadness—aren’t necessarily destructive.

When contained and calibrated, they can work for you as opposed to working against you.

That change in perspective—that emotions can be constructive—can help cancel out the self-defeating effort of trying to overcome your mental-emotional condition as there is nothing inherently wrong about emotions.

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