2020 Black History – Chevalier de Saint-George

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By D’après Mather Brown (1761–1831) & William Ward (1766–1826) – Gabriel Banat.- The Chevalier de Saint-Georges, Virtuosa of the Sword and the Bow, Public Domain, Link


As I write this article, I’m listening to the music of Chevalier de Saint-George’s. Music that musicians find challenging to play even in today’s time.

Chevalier de Saint-George’s history is rich and full. He was a champion fencer, classical composer, virtuoso violinist, and conductor of the leading orchestra in Paris during his time.

He was a young boy when his father took him ( a plantation owner) and his mother (a slave) to France to live. France is where his education began, and France is where he would study and become a champion fencer, and the first classical composer of African ancestry.

He served in the French Revolution, as a colonel of the Légion St.-Georges, the first all-black regiment in Europe. He fought on the side of the Republic. 

Saint-Georges was a prolific composer who wrote string quartets, symphonies, and concertos in the late 18th century. He also led one of the best orchestras in Europe – Le Concert des Amateurs –

Former US president John Adams judged him “the most accomplished man in Europe”.



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