When All of the Broken Pieces are Given to HIM… Peace is Given to You

I begin this article by Thanking God, who is the Head of my Life. I thank HIM for all that HE does for me. For loving me, for protecting me and for providing me with everything that I need. These things may not come when I think they are needed but HE always provides them in HIS time which is the perfect time. I can think of so many instances where HE has been there for me but I am going to share one specific and recent example of HIS love that will share my response to the question of Can You Have Peace when your heart has so many broken pieces.

I am a recent widow. My husband, Marcus, went home to be with the Lord on August 13, 2019. We had the best relationship ever. We were great friends and loved each other tremendously. Marcus use to be my hairstylist and there was never a romantic interest for either of us. It was strictly professional. We had not spoken for many years and when Marcus had heard that my mom had passed he reached out to offer his condolences. Marcus had gone through an ugly divorce and so neither one of us was looking for a relationship. We were able to bond and heal through our brokenness. We became the best of friends and were a great balance for each other. God helped us to take the focus off of our own broken pieces and find peace in each other. Our broken pieces were used to make us whole again and experience the peace that God had intended for us.

I share these thoughts with great joy and pain because once again my heart has been broken. My broken heart is the result of 55 years of living on this earth. The brokenness comes from hurts and disappointments of others. I had expectations of how things were supposed to be but my expectations were not based on any communications where I had consulted the Lord. These expectations were based on what I was told by people, what I had read in books and even what I had seen in the movies. These were stories that I had made up and expected to be so just because. And when the expectations did not become the reality that was the beginning of the hurt that led to the broken heart. My heart has been broken so many times but please know that The Lord has mended those broken pieces and allowed me the ability to have it broken over and over again. My constant through each of those heartbreaks was Jesus. HE has never broken my heart and has shown me that I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me. This is how I am able to have PEACE while my heart is in a million tiny pieces.

I thank my maternal grandmother for the early introduction to My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. At an early age, I learned that people may hurt me and disappoint me but that Jesus would ALWAYS be there for me. God is the one constant in my life and I know that I can depend on HIM always. HE will never cause the pain yet HE will always ease the pain. HE is my rock and no matter the chaos I may be experiencing HE gives me PEACE through it all.

Thank You, Lord, for ALL of the many Blessings…past, present and future.

He is there

A friend who wishes to remain anonymous