Grace Marriage

2020 Grace Marriage@Home is a ministry to couples who might find themselves in a crisis, stagnate, struggling, or wanting more.

Brad and Marilyn Rhodes are the co-founders of Grace Marriage, which is dedicated to assisting local churches to change marriage in our churches and the culture at large. Our mission is to equip the local church with effective, ongoing, grace-based marriage ministries and to:

-Protect and grow marriages in the local church and community.
-Lessen crisis marriage counseling and divorce.
-Provide a marriage ministry without it being a drain on the church budget or staff time.
-Provide a church everything it needs for promotion, implementation and maintenance.
-Engage couples to put marriage under the grace of Christ and be intentional.
-Completely change the perception and reality of marriage in our culture.

During this season of quarantine, Grace Marriage offered the below videos and worksheets for couples to work together.

I’m excited that And He Restoreth My Soul is allowed to introduce you to Grace Marriage!

Marriage Help During Quarantine | “The Grace-Based Marriage“”The Grace-Based Marriage”

Marriage Help During Quarantine | “I Would Have Never”

Marriage Help During Quarantine | “Instinctive or Intentional”

Marriage Help During Quarantine | “Are You Smarter Than Your Cell Phone?”

Marriage Help During Quarantine | Part One: Intimacy Igniter