My Wings

It’s you who put the bounce in my feet

The flutters in my deadened heart

Living Hope in my helplessness

That makes life meaningful

In all these meaninglessness

Binding my broken heart

Putting a smile across my sad soul

And butterfly wings to fly



A prayer to my standby powerhouse

I will look up to the heavens

For there my helps arises from

To lift me from troubled waters

I keep falling into severely

You’d think I’d learnt

Yet I find myself circling this mountain several times

Sometimes I think the route has changed, only to find myself back in that place I so dread

Help me Lord, I cry

I must embark on the journey of your plan for me – to that place of good and expected end.

Help me

Strengthen me

I must experience that transformation

Change must I see, amen.

Dr. Princess Olufemi-Kayode is a Survivor who is a Sexual & Gender-Based Violence Response professional with cross-disciplinary experience and training in child victim interviewing, forensic interviewing, child protection development & implementation; victim advocacy; sexual assault/violence response team, building, multi-sector response; rape crisis center response, case reporting writing; media partnership building and project execution at the field level. She is currently working towards building professional sexual violence response capacity of practitioners at community-based and non-governmental organizations, government agencies, schools, religious organizations, the private sector, and serving on advisory and consultancy level across the world.

The above poem and prayer is a repost of an earlier post by Dr. Princess Olufemi-Kayode


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