Circus of Pain

Glaring into space

Sparring with the momentum

Blurred sight

Really can’t see anything

I paused for a moment

Taking a deep breathe

I have to cease looking!!!

Halt the penetration into oblivion

I come with my weight

I don’t need to bear it alone

Pour out my heart

He’s not too far!!!

I try to feel Him


I need to tell him how I feel

Lost, bewildered, confused, depressed!!!

So I start sharing my deepest thoughts, my pain, my confusion

I couldn’t leave anything out

I had to drain myself of all of it

I called out

Help me Lord!!! 

My voice was cracked from much sobbing

I lay still and numbed

I felt a gush of air come over me

A calmness I couldn’t explain

Heaven heard me

A call for help answered

By Dr. Princess™

Dec. 29, 2020

No. 2

My help comes

Still as the night is my soul

I weep with my inner tears

Clouded by my pain and hurt

I’m at the bottom ebb

I need a lifeline

I don’t know how to cope with all of these

Why did it have to happen to me?

I try to find my way out of the web

Comfort me oh Lord

Send me help

Strengthen me in my inner man

Leave me not by myself

I hurt

I’m pained

I cry

No more tears

Wipe my tears Lord

Heal my damaged soul and spirit

Give me hope again

Make me whole again like only you can

I look up unto the hills 

From where my help can come

My help is in you Lord

Suffer not my feet and heart to slip into darkness

I wait patiently

I know you won’t leave me not forsake me

Hold me tight Lord

Make my world bright again

My hope shall not be lost

This I know

This I’ll experience from

My saviour and my redeemer

Light shines after the dark

My light shall come

And I’ll walk past this

A new dawn shall arise for me yet again!!!


Dr. Princess™

Dec. 29, 2020

Dr. Princess Olufemi-Kayode is a regular contributor to And He Restoreth My Soul you can find other writings by her on this site. Thank you Dr. Princes Olufemi-Kayode for your inspiring words.