And He Restoreth My Soul celebrates its 10th year in publication. 

Reclaiming Life after the Trauma and Terror of Sexual Violence.

I want to share a couple of the book’s endorsements as we move toward April Sexual Assault Prevention and Child Abuse Awareness Month. Even after 10 years, the information that lies between this resource anthology pages is still relevant today!

I grew up in a house of abuse. All of my life I have tried to find a glue to mend the broken places. I believe And He Restoreth My Soul is a wonderful resource for restoration and recovery. This book could be a God-send to caring people who desire to touch the brokenhearted with compassion and clarity. In Joel 2:25 there is a wonderful promise by God, “I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten”. In the midst of the darkness and disappointment, God promises to redeem us, restore us, and refine us. This very complete and thorough resource will provide excellent insight and direction towards recovery of the broken places in God’s family.

 Marv L. Fogleman, Ph.D

 Pastor and Marriage and Family Therapist

Orange County California

And He Restoreth My Soul is a resource anthology that will challenge the reader to think about what he/she believes and their attitude regarding sexual assault, sexual abuse and child molestation. As a pastor/teacher, I am called to minister to the hurting. I am called to tell the woman, the man, the girl and the boy that God witnessed the darkness that came over their spirit during the rape, the incest, and the molestation. And though His reason for not intervening is within the frame of His divine sovereignty, He still specializes in providing the necessary resources and support for spiritual wholeness and recovery.

Through the survivors’ stories, And He Restoreth My Soul me to understand the depth of darkness behind crimes surrounding sexual abuse. The case studies helped me to see the effectiveness of different counseling methods. The true-and-false tests revealed my knowledge on sexual abuse.

 If spiritual healing is your mission, then the church can no longer ignore this topic, and the people affected by this crime can no longer be left to suffer alone – at the hands of Satan. If you want to help and not harm the abused And He Restoreth My Soul is a needed resource to help prepare ministry to restore light to dark places for those who have been sexually abused.

E. Joshua Sims, Pastor/Founder Renewed Life Ministries

 Los Angeles County /Riverside County California

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