April 2021 Unveiling and Restoring Hearts

Do you believe it is April again, and we’ve been through an awakening to how weak and helpless we are as a people? Yet, I feel we are coming into a new awareness where strength can be rebuilt and renewed. It’s true; last year was filled with a mishmash of emotions. Nevertheless, I know it did not extinguish hope because hope, no matter how small, is alive in your and my hearts.

April 2021 Project is based on the promised in Joel 2:25a (KJV)

And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten,

The contributors will unveil their hearts to inform and enlighten you about their restoration. The type of restoration mentioned in Joel 2:25. The restoration that God promises.

The writers want you to know the possibilities to reclaim a life that you might have thought was lost.


Against all HOPE we can hope and believe. If Abraham believed then why can’t we? God hasn’t changed!

Stay Safe, Stay Well, Stay Strong, and Connected to your heart.

I Serve At His Pleasure,