In My Next Life

“Where have the years gone?”

“I have been alive for 41 years this August 31st.” “How am I still here?”

“Right this minute whilst I write this, I feel extremely overwhelmed, for what I say next will remind me of all the pain that tried to ruin me.”

“The breeze is light; as it touches my skin, I feel a little more freedom to what I’m about to say.”

“The other day, I spoke to my sister for the first time in months.” “She lost her father recently, and I just didn’t have the words to speak out loud.” “Whilst we spoke, I said I wish our lives had been different.” “I wished we had not had to be faced with so many disasters.” “I told her I love her, and I’m there for her if she needs.”

“A few hours passed, and I decided to share what keeps me going each day with you.”

“This is the last time I want to talk about my past.”

“This is my end where I find a new beginning.”

“Have no expectations, feel no disappointment!”

“In my next life, my mummy and daddy will love me; they will nurture me and treat me like the gift I am.”

“In my next life, people won’t bully me, hurt me or ever try to break me down.”

“In my next life, I will not know rape, physical, mental or emotional abuse.”

“In my next life, I will study, work and travel the seas; I will stand tall no matter where my travels take me.” “I will be free.”

“In my next life, some of you won’t be there.” “You won’t make it cause horrible people don’t get second chances.” “Horrible people use all their chances here on earth.” “You will not exist where I’m going.”

“In my next life, I will not struggle mentally; mental illness will be non-existent.” “Yes, I will get sad.” “I just wish never to feel depressed.”

“In my next life, I want to meet my husband again.” “We will both love, honor, and cherish the time that passes as our love grows unconditional.” “The butterflies will never leave me as long as I have him in my next life.” “He is my soulmate, best friend, and really the love of my life.” “He will be just as amazing as he is right now.” “Together in love and life.”

“In my next life, we will own a home; we will never struggle because I will be mentally strong enough to face the real workforce.” “With him, I could rule the world.” “I don’t think we will have children.” “Ok, maybe one or two.” “Together forever, loving unconditionally.” “We will have parties, surrounded by our loved ones.” “Please meet me in my next life, Marc?” “Please don’t bring your ex-wife.”

“In my next life, I wish to meet my children and share the bond we have as friends.” “These three amazing young adults bring the best out of me; who wouldn’t want to share their lives with them.” “No one will hurt you; I will not let them in the next life.”

“In my next life, I will stay strong in faith. I will not follow the church; instead, I will call upon God.” “In my next life, he will hear my prayers, see my hopes, and guide me on the right path.”

“In my next life, I will not remember any of this.”

“In my next life, will you come to join me?”

“This is only a glimpse of a dream I hold in my head.” “I have lived many lives.” “I suffer from constant Déjà vu and find it frustrating.”

“Reality check 101!” “Dream big, Angela, Laugh with your heart, reach for the sky, and Believe in Angels.” “In this life, I get to be a woman with the strength of many.” “In this life, I know I will fight my depression till the end.”

“Rape, Violence, Anger and Narcissists saw me fall.”

“Pray kept me pure-hearted, humble, and human.”

“My heart stopped, I stopped, and time passed me.” “Time I will never get back.”

“What did the angels tell me, teach me and guide me towards?” “They taught me to forgive and to be brave.” “Now I just need to keep reminding myself.” “It’s ok. Your ok, Angela.”

“If seeing is believing, then believing is something powerful.” 

“Let him guide us to a new happiness.”

“Surviving trauma is something powerful.” Search within you, find your inner strength, and live again.”


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