We survived to tell the story

We survived to tell the story. Our story. Our broken lives are proof of what child abuse does to children unseen and unheard. We are proof that the destruction endures well beyond childhood. And we are proof of the resilience of children, the ability of the mind to heal, the heart to heal, the soul to heal, and people lost to find their way back to life, to live.

“It is not easy. It is worth it. There are children for whom we speak, who are yet unseen, unheard. Our collective voices multiplied again and again will be heard, stronger than any-one voice. Our voices will be carried by an angry and loud wind so that no man, no woman, no child will have to suffer alone and unseen, without hope, and in silence.

We hear you. We see you. We believe you. We know you are not bad. You did not do anything. You certainly did not do anything to deserve what was done to you in childhood. It is right that you survived. It is right that you live today. It is right that you grow to be happy and whole. You will survive this. It is for you to survive. It is a part of you. More than anything else, it is who you are. It is right, finally, that you live, alive and in life fully and completely.

Life After DID and Child Abuse: A Personal Experience

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    1. The Colour Of Madness, I glad you found We survived to tell the story helpful. I want to be helpful in any way that I can. I understand life is hard sometimes, but I have faith we can make it, especially on those days that seem extremely trying. Thank you for stopping by.

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