Survivor Art by Harli Tree

The first Key-note I gave was held at a museum during April in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The survivor art on display was excellent and the first of its kind I had seen. I have never forgotten the emotions that I felt as I view some of the art. Bedsprings topped with broken glass. The message was clear; there was no doubt about the pain that took place. Or a Coffin with its own message.

I started writing to help me through my own abuse issues, and these women created their own version of pain and courage. Art, Music, Journaling are some of the ways survivors Take Back What was stolen from them, and God does restore in His own way. This is why I search for art creations to give you a picture of what it is like for a survivor of sexual abuse. This is how I found Harli Tree! I wanted to provide you with a glimpse of how others find a way out of their pain.


Harli Tree began creating to overcome personal difficulties. The process of self-expression began to have a positive impact on my health and wellbeing, one of self-healing. People began to see the art and photography and identify and understand the message, feeling, or emotion behind it. To date Harli Tree has had individual and group exhibitions, a piece of art in an auction at the Royal Academy, and won various awards for photography.

Harli Tree embarked on a project and designed, planned, and delivered a twelve-week art workshop called ‘Empowering Women’s Voices’ for women that had gone through any form of sexual violence. The women’s artwork was displayed at the Anglian Ruskin Gallery.