The Janet Marie Napper Story


Defend the poor and fatherless; Do justice to the afflicted and needy. Deliver the poor and needy; Free them from the hand of the wicked. (Psalm 82: 3 KJV)

If you would have asked me 30 years ago to write a memoir of sorts for sexual abuse and domestic violence, I would have said WHY?

Many girls, young women, and ladies are living beneath their value because of abuses that have happened in the past, not knowing what abuse is or naïve to the fact they have been abused.

Abuse steals your mind, your time, your place, and your space, making someone do things they do not want to do or prevents them from doing things they want to do. We lose our identity as girls, young women, and ladies. We see ourselves through the eyes of our only understanding: dirty, unlovable, unwanted, crazy, and afraid.

Abuse is an ongoing lifestyle of verbal put-downs, manipulative threats, beatings, forced sexual servitude, and constant denial of finances to have needs and some wants.

The truth of the matter is we are worthy and valuable, we are loveable, we are wanted, and we can take courage. We really can choose to start our lives and lifestyle over right now! How might you say? Self-love, self-care, and self-confidence come by surrounding ourselves with supportive friends from the community, church, family, or friends. I know, I started over and could have never done it without the constant ongoing unconditional love of others who saw my hurt and pain knowing I could get free from it and live life.

Hope and new life come from Jesus Christ, I found out. At 36 when I could not take life anymore, life came to me. A stranger asked me if I wanted to go to church. Oh, I had been to church in the past, in the middle of beatings and rape, but this time it was different, I was desperate, needy, and lonely. Have you ever felt desperate, needy, and lonely? If so, can I encourage you to TAKE BACK your life by talking with God? Ask Him to help you. Not just help you but lead you into relationships with others who know Him as love, know Him as hope, know Him as faith, know Him as healing, and restoration. Yes, restoration. God wants to restore all that has been lost through your pain and suffering and restore the things taken from the tough choices made. You know, saying yes to love for a place to live, saying yes to love for food and clothes for you and your children. God wants to restore your self-confidence so you can show your children should they need strength as they grow older, hope it is possible- mom did it. Restore your knowledge of worth and value, your hope in hopeless situations and it all starts with a choice. This time healthy choices. Choices of supporters, choices of pressing into the new life should you take courage to choose.

I never thought I would hear my children say, mom, I love you, mom I am proud of you, mom you are a blessing! WHAT? Ms. Orphan, Ms. molested, Ms. rape, Ms. thief (to get my needs met) Ms. Promiscuous, and on goes the list.

God truly did come for the broken-hearted, abandonment of not knowing my mother or father left me broken-hearted.

Today I still have my moments, but I went from victim to victory being broken in my heart and lonely 24/7 to 7 times a day to 7 times a week to now maybe 7 times every other month. Ladies that is called victory. When the pain comes, I simply renew my mind with the truth, the truth where God says, I am loved, I am worthy, and I have hope all because He came down to demonstrate love is (He is love) by laying down His life for me/us.

Oh yes, next time someone wants to push you aside KNOW IN YOUR HEART your life has GREAT VALUE because the One who created you, died for you.

Today I am a free woman, free to make healthy choices, free to come and go, free to love my husband as I can, free to love my children with their respect and thanksgiving. If I can leave you with one bit of advice, CHOOSE new life. You will not be disappointed. Restoration comes immediately with peace of mind, even if for a moment. Supporters are necessary but remember this: we are not our circumstances, but girls and ladies loved with a hope and a future all because God says so!

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Overcoming Abuse God’s Way a ministry of Global Gogirl, Inc. understands the cause and effects of abuse firsthand, Janet was orphaned with her two sisters at two after being abandoned in an apartment and left for dead. God had another plan for her life; she was discovered and rescued, raised in foster-care then spent many years trying to find her real purpose in life. When God opened the door for her to begin to help others find healing from abuse, she knew she is found her purpose. Janet’s life is one of amazing grace. Her book, “Overcoming Abuse God’s Way, Rags to Riches,” tells of her life’s story that began with tragedy and led to triumph through Christ Jesus.

Janet Marie Napper is the proud mother of four children Peter, Christopher, Tara, and Richard, grandchildren to Christopher, Destiny, Robbin, Alexander, Giovanni, Mackenzie, Caden, Liam, Taylor, Casey, and great-grandchildren Adalyn, Trinity, Evenly Marie, and John Anthony.