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To be abandoned and left on my own

To be forsaken and left alone

To be rejected and unwanted

Am I not enough? Am I not good enough?

Oh, what horror! What fear! I cannot explain the ache that holds my soul captive.

These are horrifying thoughts yet, we know I have experienced them.

I can no longer understand them; I just feel the pain.

Am I not enough? Am I not good enough?

To be separated by grief and feel the sadness of loss is a lonely place,

Yet, it is the feeling that comes with loss.

I lost love; I had so much to give.

Is this possible?

Am I not enough? Am I not good enough? Tell me, please?

I have loved yet not felt love.

I have wanted yet felt unwanted.

What then is left for me?

Am I not enough? Am I not good enough? Please tell me?

I try to change focus!

I think about how Christ must have felt.

Never separated from the Father before, always in His presence.

Oh, no words can describe what He must have felt; no words can give meaning to that time.

The first time ever separated from one the one that loves and adores you.

Oh, what pain, what agony He expressed. My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me!

It is like us saying, Daddy, why? Daddy, don’t leave me?

When I think of my abandonment,

My separation, my terror I have no answer other than

Christ bore the pain I could not bear.

He made a way to heal, A way to live!

Thank you for helping me to understand.

I am enough. I am good enough for you!

Written 05/17/2021

By: Darlene Janice Harris

If any of my thoughts make sense to you, please make them your own!