Consequences, Consequences, Consequences -Good or Bad, there are Consequences

I don’t know about you, but I’ve suffered the Consequence of my decisions (actions) some were good, and some were not so good!

Well thought out plans will have consequences whether they be good or bad.

I think we can agree we all like good consequences. Such as the “A” that comes with studying for a test. Or planning a vacation could come with both good and bad outcomes, but you took the time to prepare. You might think you are safe, but there are consequences even when we do nothing. So don’t be disillusioned.

Usually, disobedience or wrong choices are where we incur most of our consequences.

Consequences don’t always match the action!

Mercy is what we receive when we don’t reap what we should. Like escaping death in an automobile accident when we are the cause. Or, you work in a bank during a hold-up, and you walk out unharmed. I’m sure you have examples from your near escapes in your life.

Think back over your life; can you see the good and bad consequences? And if you see Mercy in action, be thankful!

Re-examination time.

We’ve come through a horrendous year that was somewhat out of our control. But as we walk into 2022, we have to be honest with ourselves and ask the big question. Was any of my consequences caused by my irresponsibility? What can I do differently in 2022? We can’t afford to lose all sense of consequences. Thus, re-examining our values, beliefs, and ethics will help to give us a better start.

In Closing.

I’ve made many bad decisions in my life and suffered the consequences. Our choices and actions can cause the effects to linger for the short term or a lifetime. It would help if you didn’t make decisions that would cause you needless suffering. Consequences, good or bad, are going to show up!

Planning and re-examining our lives and actions can help make 2022 a better year!