A word about betrayal

At one time or another, we all have – or will – experience betrayal, either by a friend, a loved one or by someone we thought would never hurt us. Most of us never think of a parent or sibling betraying our trust by sexually abusing us, but it happens! Abuses of this nature are planned and designed to happen mostly during the nighttime while others sleep or when no one else is home. The perpetrator then initiates their plan. 

For this reason, many survivors may beg God to “hold back the night” because if He “holds back the night,” peace may find its way to visit. 

Have you ever been awakened by a storm, a siren, or just an unexpected sound or noise? Can you remember how your heart jumped and how startled you were? If so, you know a little of what survivors feel when a perpetrator awakens them during the middle of the night. It is horrifying when someone you trust awakens you from a deep sleep as they crawl into bed with you. The person you thought would never hurt you for their own selfish pleasure comes to your bed to do you harm. This person you have known all of your life now wants to hurt you. And, to make matters worse, that person threatens you afterward if you told! Those threatening thoughts start to flood like rushing water through your mind. Not only was the victim betrayed by a person they knew but also by the other person in the house who knew said nothing. The other person in the house denied that they knew what was happening all those horrible nights. That other person drew silent from your pain. Yes, “the silence of a friend” can definitely be worse than “the words of an enemy.” Do you wonder why this person said they didn’t know? Did this person not care enough to stop the pain?

I’ve listened to survivors as they tell me their stories say

“even now that I’m grown, I’m still awakened in the night afraid because those nights’ memories are embedded and haunting in my mind and spirit. But my plea has not changed:

“God, Hold Back the Night.””

I hope the below songs will encourage you no matter what you are going through!

Additional Reading Material-

Bible holds many stories of betrayal

Betrayal’s Baby by P.B. Wilson

Hold Back the Night

Hold back the night.

Give me strength to fight.

I’ll do Your will

If You just say to my storm

“Peace be still.”

Oh Lord, I love Your name.

Every day You’re just the same.

I’ll be all right

If You just hold back the night.

Solo: The storm is raging

All around.

Satan keeps tryin

To pull me down.

But Lord, You told me

In Your word I could abide.

So stretch forth Your mighty hand

And hold back the night.

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Another song that may help

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  1. Good morning my dear,

    Happy Tuesday. Almost done with my writing. Loved the Betrayal piece, I was thinking about the first article I wrote for you, it was Oh To Be Betrayed.😀

    Have a great day.🥰

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  2. During a lecture one night I asked an audience this question. “How many of you have ever said to yourself or someone else: No one will ever hurt me that way again? I wasn’t surprised that almost all the adults raised their hands. What did shock me and made me sad was that so many children, even young children did also. Betrayal is a common life experience for almost all if not all of us. I think the worst betrayal I ever felt, and I’m ashamed to admit this, was when I found out my abuser had so many other victims. I was not special, I was just more available. I’d lied to myself that we had something special, that he really loved me in a secret special way no one else could experience. I felt cheap, used, and stupid for believing such a thing for so long. The evidence was there but I guess I just refused to see it. At times when I think about it, it still hurts. Pretty pathetic I know.
    There have been many others over the years but that one stands out because he was my father. Someone who should have loved me best of all.
    I’ve learned that there is only One who will never betray me, will always love me, and is always there for me. When God rescues you, it’s forever.

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    1. Hi, Roger, I’m excited about your work, and I appreciate your comment. As you and I know, the question you asked is powerful, and I’m not surprised at the response you received. My answer would have been the same. Shame walked through the door of our hearts when the one who betrayed us was the one who was supposed to love and protect us the most. Unfortunately, the body keeps the memories of the pain we experience, and our minds don’t have a delete button. But each time the hurt bubbles to the top, God is easing the hurt and preparing you to use it for others as you are already doing.

      Roger, thank you again for your comment; it helped me, and I know it will also help others!


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