Hello Everyone,

I hope you are well. I felt I’d better end this project with a message from me about my health. Some of you are aware of the health issues I’ve experienced and some of you are not. I went into the hospital to have a hip replacement and ended up with a “silent heart attack” go figure.

I’m currently residing in a nursing home and hope I will be released soon.

Your prayers are welcomed and treasured.

Thank you!

As of 9/28, I am stronger than in the last update. God has been gracious and faithful in spite of me.

This update is small but the journey to this day has not been small. Most people are over their hip replacement in a few days. As the dr said, you will be over it when you are over it. Your surgery was more serious than most. So just be happy for each day you see improvement!

Be on the lookout for the October Project. I think you will enjoy it and hopefully be able to help someone.

Take the best of care,

Darlene J. Harris

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  1. Oh my dear Darlene! You have been through the ringer. I’m praying for a speedy recovery from all ailments. You are in our prays! Blessings to you! Love you, Barb

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