How I Handle the Unexpected

Unexpected defined is not expected or regarded as likely to happen. Several synonyms are unforeseen, unanticipated, and unpredicted. When the unexpected happens, we tend to be surprised or even shocked by the event. Most people respond by saying, “I was not expecting that.” No matter the event we are often not prepared or caught off guard. I would like to share a story of the unexpected and how the person handled it. My prayer is that you will gain some strength from the story and the ability to accept the unexpected when it comes.

A new day has begun, time to say my prayers and get ready for work. Today will be a hectic day for me; so much to do. As I head out the door, I am excited about my day as I have completed a project for a customer ahead of the due date. I just need to attach it to an email once complete and send it along. As usual, I arrive to work half an hour early, sit down, and check emails. Only three so far; I will get them answered and send off my customer’s project.

I hear my phone vibrating, I take it out of the drawer, and I see it is a family member. I think to myself, why would they be calling? They know that I am at work. So, I answered the call and heard a sad voice on the other end. It was easy to tell the caller had been crying. I asked them if they were ok, and they responded, “No, I don’t know how to tell you this.” I replied, “Just tell me.” The caller asked me to write down a number and two names. I did as requested. Next, the caller said, “Call them now.” I told the caller, “I would check in on them later,” and ended the call.

A quick prayer to pray for my family member and to prepare me for what this phone call would reveal. Not knowing what to expect, I dialed the number. The person on the other end responded, “Las Vegas Metro Homicide, how may I help you?” I asked for the names; they said, “Please hold.” Then, I heard two clicks and voices saying, “Detective Henderson, Detective Sanders.” One detective asked who was calling, and I gave him my name. The second detective responded, “Oh my God, we have been trying to reach you for days. I replied, “All you had to do was contact my mother.” The silence was deafening. With the detective’s following statement, my life changed forever, it would never be the same. Detective Henderson informed me that my mother was violently murdered. How was I to handle this? How was I supposed to handle the unexpected?

If I were to survive this, I needed to pray, so I got on my knees and prayed. Prayer was the only thing that would help me deal with the murder of my mother. My grandmother always stressed the importance of prayer and forgiveness to me as a little girl.

Whenever someone had a decision to make, she would always tell them, “To pray”. That God would answer their prayer. She told them, “To forgive the person when someone was wronged or hurt.” Prayer has been my go-to place for everything that I face. In my prayer, I asked God to forgive the person or persons involved in my mother’s murder. I asked God to accept their forgiveness when they came to Him. I prayed for the detectives and for my mother’s family as I would have to call and inform them of what happened. Lastly, I prayed and asked that God take away my emotions as I would not need them for a while. I had to take care of my mother there was no room for emotions right now. I needed to be grounded and stable to handle everything that needed to be done. God granted me the strength to plan my mother’s memorial service and to take care of her home and its contents. I handled things with ease because I prayed.

The decision was made to donate all of the contents of my mother’s house to the women’s shelter where she volunteered. Arrangements were made to have the contents picked up and distributed where needed. A lot of women were blessed that day from my mother’s heart, as she would have wanted things done this way. I was able to perform the tasks needed because of the strength I received by praying.

When one prays, they are in direct communication with God. God will always answer when you pray. But don’t pray about the problem; pray the promises of God. In your prayers, remind Him of his promises. He will not let you down. He will bring you through whatever you are enduring and provide an answer. So when something unexpected happens, remember this story, my story, and please pray. You won’t regret it. God bless you always.

P – Prayer R – Releases

A – All

Y – Your

E – Eternal R – Resources

Biography of Dr. Joyce Marie Kelley, Th.D.

Dr. Joyce Marie Kelley is an author, motivational speaker, and minister who loves the Word of God and all that it has to offer. She has been on God’s team for a long time. As a young child, Joyce accepted Christ as her personal savior. Dr. Kelley, fondly known as “Dr. J” has a heart and passion for helping others. She gives unselfishly of herself in the pursuit of sharing the healing power of forgiveness.

Dr. Kelley holds an Associate Degree in General Studies. A Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies and a Doctor of Ministry Degree. She returned to school and earned a second Master’s Degree in Theology. On July 8th, 2016 Dr. Kelley was Ordained as a Licensed Elder/Minister. Joyce recently earned a second doctorate degree in Theology. She is the Founder/CEO of “Exalted Consulting”; a ministry sharing the power of forgiveness through seminars and workshops. Dr. Kelley is also the Founder/CEO of “Divas Meet N’ Greet”. Her philosophy is that “One should always practice Acts of Random Kindness” (ARK’s).

“With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible. “(Matthew 19:26b, KJV.)

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