Darlene J. Harris, Speaker, Writer, and Coach will merge with And He Restoreth My Soul Project. We are working to serve you in a more excellent way.

Darlene J. Harris Speaking From the Heart

Darlene talks about how God turned a secret in her life into a ministry He could use. She tells how God gave meaning and purpose to the burden and weight of her secret. She discloses how God forged a heart of forgiveness that would change her life. It is with this same heart, a heart of love, hope, and humor, that Darlene encourages and delights audiences. (for more detailed information, please see Media Tools)

Speaking From the designs workshops and retreats. And suppose you need a speaker for one of your events. Darlene will work with your committee and create a talk, especially for your event.

Watch for Speaking From the Heart events on He Restoreth My Soul

You are great, and I appreciate you!

Thank you for the support!

Darlene J. Harris

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