Dr. Johnny Rice II, Public Health Advocate

Hi, my name is Dr. Johnny Rice II.

Dr. Johnny Rice II Public Health Advocate

“My goal is to empower others by providing a diversified range of educational, health, and safety information that will enhance the capacity of individuals and organizations to achieve healthy and safe homes, schools, workplaces, and communities.”

– Dr. Johnny Rice II, Founder, and Principal Consultant

Dr. Johnny Rice II has dedicated over 21 years to providing leadership, technical assistance, and support to organizations that serve fathers and families in the areas of child welfare, youth development, and the criminal justice systems. His efforts are always the same; to create safe and stable communities.

Johnny serves on boards and/or committees for the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, the National Domestic Violence Hotline, and the Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community.

Johnny received his Doctor of Public Health Degree from Morgan State University and has a BS and MS degree in criminal justice from the University of Baltimore.

Dr. Johnny Rice II is a thought leader in the anti-violence movement, technical assistance provider, public health advocate, and proud father and husband. For more about Dr. Johnny Rice II. see Company Website: Social Justice Ventures LLC: https://SJVLLC.com Blog: Dr. Johnny Rice II

Dr. Johnny Rice II provides a keynote address at the Safe and Together 6th Annual Conference on Domestic Violence and Children. San Antonio, Texas, 2018.