Hanging on…

When the dark cloud looms over the horizon 
My heart skips a beat 
My blood cringes 
Recoiling like a serpent into her skin
Lightening and thunder conspire
Turning into a playground 
My life
Overwhelmed, I sunk aground 
From whence can help come
The North gave up
The South passed by 
The East ignored 
The West didn’t give a damn 
Consumed and drowning in my ache
My heart sobbing again & again 
The anguish drains me 
I set my gaze
In the dark 
Casting all 
It can’t end like this 
For like a flint 
I post my focus 
I hope against hope 
My light shall come 
Though it storms 
Though it quakes 
Though the earth give up form 
Though my life takes a bow 
I will hope against hope 
For where there’s no help 
I see the light shine through 
I abide 
For my redeemer lives

© Dr. Princess Olufemi- Kayode Hope & Healing Advocate

A short word of encouragement. 

Life will always throw things at you. Occasionally like a roller coaster ride, just when you think you are getting over or ahead, it brings you back to a place you don’t want to be in or at. It’s good to know that there’s always dawn waiting to burst through at the end of every night. It cuts through no matter how thick or long the night was. It may seem like the road of despair is never going to end. I assure you… It will! Hope is alive. Keep yours alive. It will crack through any crevice. No obstacle can stop the light from breaking forth. All is well and working for your good. You are coming out better. Focus on the learnings, not the pain, hurt, biases, failures, betrayals, unforgiveness, etc. You got this. 

Dr. Princess Olufemi-Kayode -Bio

Dr. Princess Olufemi-Kayode is a Survivor who is a Sexual & Gender-Based Violence Response professional with cross-disciplinary experience and training in child victim interviewing, forensic interviewing, child protection development & implementation; victim advocacy; sexual assault/violence response team, building, multi-sector response; rape crisis center response, case reporting writing; media partnership building and project execution at the field level. She is currently working towards building the professional sexual violence response capacity of practitioners at community-based and non-governmental organizations, government agencies, schools, religious organizations, and the private sector, and serving on advisory and consultancy levels across the world.

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