I will not lie to you!

Recovery is hard. Still, the breakthrough after long times of trudging through the wreckage of the past is powerful.

For me, it seemed I went through storms. Storms that came back-to-back and without warning. I had to turn and face my past. I had to accept it before the indescribable came for me.

In time the raging storms started to cease. The winds slowly calm down. The air began clear. All that lingered was the scent of Jasmine, filling the air. God knew the storms were necessary for His plan. He directed the storms. The LOVE of Christ watched over me and carried me. And the Holy Spirit comforted me and urged me toward a new beginning in life.

When you are going through recovery, you will experience pain. Pain that feels like it is too much to bear. At times you may feel like recovery is not working. Or it is nothing but bad stuff, bad memories? But HOLD ON and believe the Hope that lives and breaths within you. Hope is the evidence of things unseen. Hope is built on a SOLID ROCK. It doesn’t trust the frame of man. Take each step as it comes. Don’t hurry. Remember the GREAT I AM walks with you.

Recovery is filled with emotions. At times you may feel it is not worth going through the pain of it all. At times you may want to quit. But believe me, the process does work. You may not feel any Hope but remember, Hope is about being alive. Hope is about a future.

These are the words born out of the storms of my life!

Love Me Through the Storm

Love Me Through the Storm

Love Me Through the Storm

Until the Storm is Over

Love Me Through the Storm

Love Me Through the Storm

Love Me Through the Storm

Until the Storm is Over

If the wind keeps on blowing

And if the rain continues to fall

Just Walk with me and

 Talk to me

Until the Storm is over

If the storm keeps on raging

And I can’t seem to find my way

Lord take my hand

And give me hope

Until, Until, You calm the storm

Love me, Love me, Love me

Love Me Through the Storm

Love Me Through the Storm

Love Me Through the Storm

Until, Until, Until, you calm my Storm

My prayer is that you will see the rainbow that follows the storms. You will know the Sustainer always has a plan, and purpose for life storms. I ask these blessings for my sisters and brothers in Jesus’ Name. Lord, make it so!

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