Why do I do What I do?

At its core, this site’s message is about what God can accomplish in each of our lives when we give Him complete control. Simply put, He is like a maestro who crafts and assembles our life stories. Just as a conductor might compose works of music, so too does God construct our life journeys – forming new melodies as we progress.

One way to bring healing and hope into the lives of those around us is through our own stories. My story speaks to the immense sadness that can consume you when you have a heart filled with hate, anger, guilt, and shame. All of these painful emotions came from my long-standing disconnect with my mother and the sexual assault by someone I trusted.

So, I chose to use my experience to serve God. You may wonder why I am telling you something unpleasant and shameful. The more complex the tale of our lives, the greater He can show us Romans 8:28 and Isaiah 61:3 in action.

To unlock the purpose of this website, please join me on a journey with those who have been abuse victims because they view streets differently. It takes an earnest desire to support them through their ordeal. However, walking alongside them, it can be easier to comprehend what they experience and how best to help them.

Light is hard to come by in these streets, nothing like what existed on Main Street before their victimization. Abuse can leave them wandering onto unknown paths, straying around corners until they reach Monstrous Alley with no way out in sight. Belief has become a concept that changes more often than not, and the Foundation crumbles beneath them at any given time. Disbelief fills their hearts while “God Doesn’t Care” has become a famous church. As a result, many abused people find themselves stuck at Cold And Hard Avenue and Bitter Alley, seemingly without hope.

Acknowledging my responsibility

I have encountered several individuals who positively and meaningfully impacted me throughout my life. Yet, when I ask them, “What do I owe you in return?” their response is always to extend that same humanity toward someone else. A responsibility was ultimately an imperative bestowed upon me by God, and it is something for which I know there is no excuse not to fulfill.

That said, I invite you to come along on this journey with me, regardless of what pain may be embedded in your account of events. Herein lies a chance to experience forgiveness and redemption through our Lord’s loving embrace.

In His Presence

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