My Heart for You

Your heart is broken, shattered like glass

But don’t despair, this too shall pass

The shards may cut you, make you bleed

But they are precious, they are your seed

From them, you’ll grow a new and stronger you

With God’s grace and love, you’ll make it through

You are not alone, there is always hope

So keep on fighting, don’t let go of the rope

My Prayer For You!

Father, I praise you for your healing and your hope in my life. I lift up to you those who have been abused and are feeling hopeless. I ask you to fill them with your strength, your courage, and your mercy. 

I pray that you shield their hearts from pain as you guide them through the healing of their wounds. And be their light in the darkness. Lord, you alone can restore each man, woman, boy, and girl. 

Please grant them your peace. In the mighty name of Jesus, Lord, let it be done.

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