About Darlene J. Harris

Personal Mission Statement

“I do not want Christ’s death to be found vain in me. Therefore, each step I take must count and be purposefully forged for someone’s growth toward God’s desire and His glory.”

About Darlene J. Harris

Darlene J. Harris is a speaker, writer, Bible teacher, consultant, and recovery coach to women. She speaks to women about recovery, forgiveness, and personal growth, and is passionate about giving healing and hope to the hurting.

Darlene is the author of And He Restoreth My Soul, an anthology And He Restoreth My Soul a resource guide for professionals and church leaders working with teens, women, and victims of sexual assault. She has extensive experience with women in crisis as a former crisis counselor, domestic violence and sexual assault response team member, and service provider for women with eating disorders. Darlene developed a faith-centered ministry for healing brokenness within families which provided education and mentoring to clients.

In 1995, Darlene was recognized in the L.A. Times article “Best Notable Achievers in Your Community.” In 2011, she was interviewed with Christopher Neiswonger on KKLA radio in Los Angeles, CA, and in 2015, her forgiveness story was featured on The International Forgiveness Institute website. A review of “And He Restoreth My Soul” is featured in the 2015 Fall Edition of Assembling the Pieces Newsletter published by the Institute on Domestic Violence in the African Community.

Darlene’s ministry, Speaking from the Heart, is a speaking and consulting ministry which provides retreats, keynotes, and facilitates workshops for schools and churches focusing on healing, hope, and peace.

She also is a consultant and recovery coach for agencies and women affected by violence and sexual assault.

In addition to speaking and ministry, Darlene has specialized in administration and compliance of 401(k) and Profit Sharing plans. After living in Los Angeles for 22 years, Darlene currently lives in Rising Sun, IN.

The links below feature the services offered by Darlene J. Harris.  For additional information please feel free to contact her.

Book Cover

And He Restoreth My Soul can be purchased through Westbow Press And He Restoreth My Soul and most online bookstores.


Speaker Writer ONESheet

Brochure For Darlene Speaker Writer


Women of Distinction Interview from Magzine

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