“About And He Restoreth My Soul” the Book

“And He Restoreth My Soul”

The Book


And He Restoreth My Soul is a new Anthology Resource Guide released in February 2011. This powerful anthology takes a poignant look into sexual violence and how spiritual intervention can “restoreth” one’s soul. Utilizing the skills and talents of over thirty contributors, this long overdue work of God is dedicated to the infinite number of men and women who are striving towards the restoration of the soul after being sexually victimized in some way. Topics of interest include case studies, stories written by survivors, wonderful poetry, and True and False surveys and questions.

And He Restoreth My Soul is an essential resource for those in church leadership capacities, teen ministry, and, most importantly, children ministries. It is without a doubt a prevention guide for today’s ministerial workforce and future ministers of tomorrow.

Contributors to this phenomenal piece of work include physiologist, prevention experts who work with the deaf community as well as the elderly community, and ministers who have experienced offensive acts in their congregations. And He Restoreth My Soul offers the training necessary to protect the abused and to counsel the abuser.

Sexual violence is very real in our society. The goal of And He Restoreth My Soul is to provide information and heighten awareness in order to bring restoration to the ones who have been sacrificed for selfish reasons. This guide’s primary intention is to help victims to realize that what happened to them was not God’s will.

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