And He Restoreth My Soul Website review by Cherrye S. Vasquez, Ph.D.

Sometimes we journey through life meandering through experiences, but some unexpected. At times some of what we may experience overwhelms us to the point we look to others for support. Many of us may have support systems already in place, while others have to search out seeking support from other sources. If this is you, look no further. I’d like to recommend Darlene J. Harris’ website titled: And He Restoreth My Soul Project.

Speaking from the Heart is a ministry to encourage women to step-out, step-up, and hold on because God wants to take them on a ride.”

Darlene J. Harris

Within the writings, screens and pages, and especially blog posts of this website, women and their families will find the strength needed to affirm, empower, evolve and become. There is purpose and hope for us all, and I believe the And He Restoreth My Soul Project website has proven to help so many gain hopes and purposes in life.

Cherrye S. Vasquez, Ph.D.

Author of children’s books (Diversity & Bullying)

Books That Sow: Strength, Character & Diversity, DBA


Review of Darlene Harris’s Book “And He Restoreth My Soul”

Ms. Harris has created an insightful book that will assist a large range of professionals on a very difficult subject. The personal testimonies help to understand the obvious difficulties for individuals that have experienced this trauma. God Bless Ms. Harris for the research, writing and sharing this information for to help the rest of us understand. Janie Eldridge M.A Adjunct Professor Ivy Tech Community College.

Thank you, Janie

Darlene J. Harris

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