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is an Anthology for those who walk with the sexually abused and can be purchased at any online book store. And He Restoreth My Soul

Introduction by: Dr. Erylene Piper-Mandy  Chapter

Why This Quest by: Darlene J. Harris – Author/Editor

Part One Sex Abuse Defined

  1. Sexual Assault page 9

A caring counselor, Karen Calvert, explores the sub-culture of those who prey on others sexually

and those who are their victims.

  1. Sex Abuse of Children page 37

A dedicated counselor of abused children, Emily Vaughn, presents the special problems a spiritual leader needs to be aware of in the sex-abuse of children.

  1. Sex Abuse of Males page 57

A caring Christian counselor, Barbara Herber, who has a ministry to those she discusses, presents the special problems a spiritual leader needs to be aware of in dealing with sex-abuse of males.

  1. Sex Abuse of Teen Girls page 69

A caring counselor, Joanna Saporito, who served at a girl’s high school in Southern California, presents the special problems a spiritual leader needs to be aware of in the sex-abuse of teen girls.

  1. Survivors Take You Through Their Valleys page 77

Four female survivors of sexual abuse share their stories, to emphasize some of the different types of sexual abuse. They describe the painfulness of their journeys to wholeness as well as where they are now in life. The intent of these real-life stories is to bring home the reality and the very existence of sexual abuse. Also, to encourage our spiritual and community leaders to explore how they can help bring wholeness to those who are victims of sexual abuse. Two of the stories, one being a male survivor, are as told by the counselor of the survivors. (Only the initials of two survivors and the gender of one survivor are used to protect their identities.)

  1. Sex Abuse and Battering of Older Women page 113

Two caring physicians who work with abused seniors, Dr. Lorraine Sterman and Dr. Bonnie Wolkenstein present the special problems a spiritual leader needs to be aware of in the sex-abuse and battering of older women.

  1. Sex and Physical Abuse of the Deaf page 137

Specialist, Peggie Reyna, presents the special problems a pastor needs to be aware of in the sex and physical abuse of the deaf and hearing-impaired community.

Part Two The Impact of Sex Abuse on Society

  1. Acquaintance Rape Impacts Teens and Adults page 149

A Crime Prevention Specialist discusses rape awareness classes she teaches to teens and adults. Cecilia Huggins shows spiritual leaders how acquaintance rape impacts the lives of teens and adults who are survivors of such crimes and helps spiritual leaders see how they can make a positive impact on the lives of survivors.

  1. Teen Transformation: Addressing Sexual Abuse in Youth Ministry page 157

Denise Dubois shares her commitment to love kids. Denise has a variety of experiences ministering to teens in both church and non-church settings. Denise has a Master of Science degree in School Counseling and a Pupil Personnel Services Credential in this field.

  1. Sex Abuse Impacts Children Removed from Their Homes page 183

Children often deal with sexual assault by denying that it happened to them. They also deal with their abuse in other predictable ways. A Christian care provider from a group home for abused boys she co-owns and operates in Northern California, Zelma Harrison, helps the spiritual leader understand the results of removing abused children from their


  1. Sex Abuse Impacts the Family page 195

Sex-abuse tears apart the fabric of the family relationship and it is no easy job to mend the tear. Evelyn and Nate Thomas, walk the spiritual leader through what is involved to repair this damage.

  1. The Impacts of Loveless Relationships page 209

Sex abuse…conflicting, confusing, and contradictory messages occurs in selfish loveless relationships, which impacts the ability to trust, recognize or develop loveless relationships. A case study of friendships and a loveless marriage shows the impact this abuse heaps on all relationships. Patricia Allison, a Christian seminar and retreat leader, shows the fallout of loveless relationships a spiritual leader may need to deal with.

  1. Rape-Crisis Centers and Churches Need to Be Partners page 217

Mary N. Richey, the director of a rape crisis center in California, shows the spiritual leader that rape crisis centers and churches need to be partners to effectively minister to the sexually abused.

Part Three Cultural Insights when counseling Survivors page 223

  1. The Asian-Indian Culture and Sex Abuse page  225

Women in this culture are accorded second-class citizenship in their family. The special needs of people of this culture are considered to assist the spiritual leader in helping them walk the difficult road from sexual brokenness to wholeness, and deal with the baggage of inferiority. Nirmala Kripanarayanan, a member of this culture, sensitively treats this topic.

  1. The African-American Culture and Sex Abuse page 235

The special needs of people of this culture are considered to assist the spiritual leader in helping them walk the difficult road from sexual brokenness to wholeness, and deal with any extra baggage (such as self-reliance) they might carry. Pastor Eva Duncan, an African-American minister, presents information helpful to the spiritual leader.

  1. The Jewish Culture and Sex Abuse page 241

“Growing up as a Jew in a non-Jewish world, I was taught not to reveal problems, not to talk about the Ôbad things’ that happen. It was incumbent on each Jew to protect the community image because of the fear of anti-Semitism.” Ñ Marcia Spiegel, of the Jewish Task Force of the Center for Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence, lets the spiritual leader understand the baggage of refusal to disclose worn by Jewish people who have been sexually abused.

Part Four Blessed Be the Tide That Binds Methodologies From A Christian Perspective page 263

  1. How to Counsel Men, Women, and Children Who Have Been Sexually Abused 265

The spiritual leader is shown counseling techniques when counseling a female and male survivor who have suffered sexual abuse. Carieta Cain Grizzell, a spiritual leader, and therapist, with considerable experience in spiritual counseling crafts this chapter.

  1. How to Counsel Teens Who Have Been Sexually Abused page 287

Spiritual leader Paul Viggiano, imparts experienced knowledge of spiritual counseling to teen victims of sexual abuse.

  1. Healing of the Body, Soul, and Spirit of Survivors page 305

Spiritual leader Marion A. Phipps, who has an extensive spiritual counseling ministry, helps the spiritual leader deal with the body, soul, and spirit of sexual abuse survivors to lead them to spiritual wholeness.

  1. Helping Survivors Repair Their Damaged Emotions page 323

Dr. Beverly Malone, a Christian psychiatric therapist, extends biblical methodology to the spiritual leader when helping survivors of sexual abuse repair their damaged emotions.

  1. Lessons from Men of the Bible in Crisis Situations page 331

Samuel Sullivan [now deceased] provides effective counseling methods from biblical characters and how these real people find healing.

Part Five Equipping the Shepherd and the Church page 341

  1. Sexual Issues and the Responsibility of the Church page 343

Pastor Joey Johnson deals with the self-examination of a spiritual leader, asking the hard questions of himself to effectively provide spiritual counseling for survivors.

  1. Equipping the Congregation to Help the Sexually Abused page 349

The spiritual leader learns in this chapter how to equip his congregation to be there for those going through sexual-abuse crisis situations, and help the sufferers find healing for their pain. A spiritual leader, David Wilkinson, whose church is a haven for those in any kind of crisis, shares how he equipped their people and how any pastor can do the same.

  1. How to Protect Your Church from Sexual Offenders page 365

The spiritual leader learns in this chapter how to protect his church from sexual offenders who seek ministry opportunities with children or young people and hide from the pastor through the process necessary to secure this protection and discuss evidence of sexual abuse the pastor should be aware of.

  1. When to Seek Help Outside the Spiritual Community page 375

Sometimes, the plethora of problems caused by sexual abuse may seem beyond the resources of a spiritual leader Ñespecially a small-church spiritual leader. In such an event, there are many outside psychological resources available. But spiritual leader, Brian K. Woodson, Sr., cautions a spiritual leader considering outside resources not to simply let his fingers do the walking.

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