Testimonials – What others are saying about Darlene!

“Darlene has unselfishly given of her time, talents and treasure. With her passion for meeting the needs of those victimized by domestic violence. Darlene started our Domestic Violence Ministry to provide education for the church and community, support and mentoring, and specialized training in domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, and teen dating violence. Darlene is extremely pleasant to work with and her attitude to ministry is unprecedented. Thank God for sending her our way!” – E. Joshua Sims, Pastor-Teacher at Renewed Life.



“Darlene is one of the rising stars of my universe of people who support, practice, and advocates the power of forgiveness.” – Dennis Blang Director of International Forgiveness Institute.



“Darlene is an inspiring speaker and terrific conference organizer! I had the pleasure of speaking at a Spiritual Gifts Leadership conference that Darlene produced. She provided solid leadership, spiritual guidance and engaging discourse.” – Tricia Jenkins, First Lady of First Baptist Church, Rising Sun, IN.



“The students really appreciated your candor and knew that you spoke from the heart, which few people have the courage to do,” – Karen Lim, Professor San Diego City College.



“God has empowered Darlene to share her story thus; becoming a testimony of hope and
healing.” – Yvonne Thompson.



Darlene is noted in the L.A. Times Personal Best Notable Achievers in Your Community “ Victim Speaks Out on Rape to Help Others” and quoted as saying “I don’t want anyone to hurt like I did.” interviewed by Ed Bond December 7th, 1995.



As you know TLC Day is a very important day for the six-hundred and fifty-six girls here at Rosary. Your keynote address and 3 workshops you offered to reach out to many of our students. Because of your eloquence, organization, and compassion, our girls have been touch and are reaching out to the services here at school. Joanna M. Saporito, MSW, At Rosary High School.