Welcome to And He Restoreth My Soul Project

…and He Restoreth my Soul

Celebrates Ten Years of publication!

By Darlene J. Harris

Author Darlene J. Harris is a survivor of sexual assault, but she has a new song and a new dance. Why? “He (God) restoreth her soul.” As she expresses in her book, all of us at one time or another may live with shame, guilt, anger, and/or bitterness about something that happened in the past. These can all be hidden signs of abuse. Like a melody of a song that lasts long after the music stops and memories that last long after the dance is over, so do the effects of abuse. Through the communion with the Holy Spirit, God will create words to a new song and choreograph steps to a new dance.

As written in CommunionDemic https://www.communiondemic.com/books

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  1. I rejoice with you that God has put a new song in your heart! Yours is a story of overcoming the damage of abuse to help others heal from theirs at a deeper level, Thanks for stopping by my blog Dreaming Together for a Better World. I see you have read “Lord, please rescue me from my private hell.” I offer for the healing journey of others what Christ has done to put a beautiful love song in my heart for others.

    Since I wrote that piece I graduated with a Master’s and doctoral degree in Psychology from St. James the Elder University specializing in the treatment of trauma. I was its Vice-President for Mission and Institutional Development. Currently, I’m the Dean of Psychology and President of Student Affairs for SJTEU.

    The Lord bless you richly as He continues to use you to put a new song into the hearts of others.

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    1. Thank you, Dr. Kevin Osborne, for stopping by And He Restoreth My Soul Project. I appreciate your kind and encouraging words. I know you are committed to the journey God has laid out for you, and this is exciting. Thank you again for stopping by and saying hello!

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